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Your Business is Your Baby, So Hire a Pro to Teach it to Talk!

Your Business Is Your BabyCreating a small business from scratch is no easy feat, but finding the right words to express your vision can be especially daunting. After all, who could possibly know your product or service better than you, right? Your business is your baby; you created it and you’re responsible for giving if everything it needs to succeed. When it comes time to bringing your “baby” to life with written content, however, sometimes it’s okay to let go and leave your content needs to the pros. Finding content writers for hire doesn’t mean giving up responsibility—instead, it’s a way to successfully delegate and focus on doing what you do best: running your business.

“But I Don’t Need a Writer…Do I?”

If you’ve never hired a content writer before, it may seem like a strange proposition. How could a stranger possibly get your product descriptions right if they didn’t have a hand in their creation? In reality, it can be a huge boon to hire an objective professional to write clear product descriptions that communicate the details of each item. Doing it yourself runs the risk of either burdening the description with excessive detail or leaving out important aspects that have become invisible to you since they’re already so familiar. Supply your writer with the basic specifications of each product, and instruct them on the general tone and word length you’d like them to have. Most writers are very open to reasonable revisions. Just be aware that writers aren’t mind readers, so the more information they have up front, the better.

Striking the Right Tone

As a business owner, it’s natural that you want to drive as many customers as possible to your product or service. When writing content marketing copy, however, it’s important not to come off as too pushy lest you turn customers off. Simply give your writers some direction on the tone you want to strike, be it humorous, edgy, or friendly. If you’ve hired quality content marketers with solid experience, they should know how to craft engaging blog posts and social media updates that show your small business in a positive light, without forcing your product or service down the customer’s throat. Sales may take a while to increase, but genuinely interesting content will drive interested customers to your site and set a good foundation for brand loyalty and referrals down the road.

While your small business is your number one priority, it can help to think about your content marketing strategy like this: baby pictures are great, but everyone gets tired of a pushy new parent sooner or later.

Caitlin C is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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