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Writing First, Beauty Second

If your career aspirations include writing about your passion for beauty but you don’t know exactly where to begin to make this dream come true, you should consider joining the world of freelance beauty writers.

Unfortunately, you can’t just show up at Vogue and have them hire you as a beauty writer based on your knowledge and passion for beauty products and tips. To obtain a coveted position with your favorite magazine, website, or other trade publication, you have to develop a solid portfolio of your writing experience to land the gig.

So how exactly do you get the writing experience you need to create a professional portfolio? You may be surprised to know that you really don’t need a fancy degree or any past experience in writing for the beauty industry at all to get started. A love of the beauty world and a strong knowledge of writing combined with motivation to get your writing career started can put you on the fast track to becoming one of the successful freelance beauty writers people turn to when they need advice. In addition, writing courses or a journalism degree will certainly will give you a strong understanding of the format and tone required to maintain a beauty oriented column or blog that engages readers and builds a fan base.

To launch your career and join the ranks of freelance beauty writers, make it your number one goal to get as much writing experience as you can to build your portfolio. From local newspapers and online beauty websites to small publications and street press, write as much as you can for whoever you can.

The experts at suggest that you have realistic expectations about your writing goals, and they want all hopeful freelance beauty writers to know that it is not just about the latest makeup, hair, or skin care products; it is truly about the writing. Just because you are a beauty expert does not make you a good writer. In fact, most beauty writers and editors pursued careers in the magazine world and then became beauty experts because the writing job required those skills. It is important to remember that you are a writer first, and a beauty expert second.

Becoming a freelance writer with WriterAccess is an excellent way to jump start your writing career and build a resume to help get you noticed in the beauty world. Get started today so you can enjoy a successful freelance writing job in the beauty industry.

Vicki S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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