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Writing Content That Shows the Reader With Words

Paint Your Product DescriptionsWhen you write, you want to do more than just put words on a page or a screen. No matter what the goal of your content is, your desire is to not only catch the reader’s attention but to keep it. Telling your reader about a product, service or idea can lead to stiff and boring writing. You need to use your words to show your reader your message instead of just telling them about it.

Writers are artists. Words should be used to paint a picture on a blank canvass. Allow your reader to see what you are writing—try to get them to feel your words.

Writing content for sales

If you are writing content for a product, the goal will be to get the reader to purchase the product. You need to do more than just describe an object. You need to show the reader why they should make the purchase and how it will benefit them. Merchandise is one area where you can involve your reader’s sense of touch or smell along with creating a visual image.

Sales writing involves features and benefits. You cannot change the features, but you can use words to show the benefits. For example:

  • These curtains are 80-inches long and will complement almost any décor.
  • At 80-inches in length, these curtains have ample length. They can be pulled back to drape and frame your window with exquisite, flowing fabric.

Depending on the length of your content, choose one or two details to highlight and add depth to the details. At no point do you need to tell the reader that the item is a great purchase. The readers will have decided this for themselves.

Writing content for websites

Web pages may seem like a difficult area to weave your words. Unfortunately, so much of what is found on pages is boring. These pages look like templates with only a few keyword changes. While this may pass Google, it does not grab the reader. Showing means the reader feels and experiences the message.

For example, you need to create content for an automotive service site. You can tell the reader the importance of regular car maintenance. That is the average factual but boring content. Consider this instead:

  • Lack of regular car maintenance means you could find yourself broken down on the side of an unfamiliar road after nightfall. While you may have cell service, how long will you have to wait in the dark for help? By bringing your vehicle to us for a quick inspection, you can avoid a very uncomfortable situation.

If you are on the other end of content production, look for these writing traits before you hire a blog writer. You want a writer that will show your readers your message, rather than just telling them about it. Hire the writer that will get your reader’s interest, get them involved and leave them wanting more.

Barbara B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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