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Writing Blog Posts and Articles: Personal Experiences are the Best


When it comes to the massive world of content development, there are many types of writing that clients are in need of. From white papers to press releases to articles to brochures and more, content comes in all shapes and sizes. As a writer, you must pinpoint writing strategies that work best according to the type of content you’re creating.

As a writer myself, when it comes to blog postings and articles, I’ve noticed that many clients here at WriterAccess, as well as my personal clients, highly praise my pieces of work that come from personal experiences.

Take for example my clients who request content centered around the topic of addiction. Sure, I could spend all day researching data, reviewing case studies and more, followed by producing a piece of content about addiction that sounds like it came off of an assembly line, but I know that no one wants to read that type of writing.

Readers of blog postings and articles want content that they can relate to, and this is the very reason that I choose to be personable in the content that I produce. I get down on the level of the audience I’m writing content for, and I empathize with them by telling them that I truly understand the topic of addiction, and not just on an educational basis, but also on a personal one.

I always make sure to splatter my writing with facts and authoritative sources, but every chance that I get to relate to the readers on a personal level, I do.

What About Other Types of Writing?

Should I do the same thing when writing content for a press release? Absolutely not! Press releases are meant to announce some type of official statement. Official and personable are two entirely different things.

Would I want to be personable in a brochure? Sure. Brochures are meant to be both informative and personal in relation to the company or event they are promoting.

How about white papers? This one is a bit tricky. White papers are meant to be very authoritative and in-depth. If I were a doctor or counselor trying to convey one of my beliefs about addiction, I would most definitely do so by producing a white paper; however, I would keep the content very technical. I might use a few personal experiences to prove my point, but for the most part, I would keep things very educational.

What about content on a website? Being professional and technical on an About Me or Contact page is of great importance, and the same applies to a website’s blog, but it’s also of the utmost importance to be personable within the blog postings.

The Takeaway

When it comes to writing blog posts and articles, personal experiences are the best and they have pleased my clients well. Personable pieces of content should be a crucial part of any business’s content marketing plan. As far as other types of writing –white papers, press releases, etc.– they are just as important to the success of a business, but diving into personal experiences when creating these pieces of content should probably be pushed to the side.

Whitney W creates content for both online and offline clients. She spends her days switching back and forth between the role of a content writer, mother and wife. As she continues to progress in her career as a content creator, she has learned the ins-and-outs of creating personable pieces of content.

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