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WriterAccess Weekly Round-up: Truth Bombs and Knowledgeness

This Round-up is a guest post from ideaLaunch Associate Content Strategist Corey Eridon.

Welcome back to the work week, everybody! I’m subbing for Caitlin White today, and because I missed my train, spilled coffee on my shirt, and forgot my laptop all within the first 10 minutes of leaving my apartment this morning, I’d like to take it easy today by dropping some fun truth bombs in today’s round-up.

We’ll start with everyone’s favorite boss and writer, Michael Scott. You may remember his book Somehow I Manage that he has “written….in his head.” Remember? It has a picture of himself on the cover with his sleeves rolled up, and he’s shrugging? Well, here is its blog counterpart. You may be able to glean some wisdom (knowledgeness?) from this post on how to connect with people while you’re writing; you’ll definitely get to mumble that’s what she said under your breath. (I found three opportunities. Look hard. TWSS.)

Now that we’re warmed up, let’s get serious with Mashable’s assessment of Google+. Reports are showing a decrease in usage since the initial hysteria has faded, but what does that mean for you? Nothing, really. The fact is Google+ is still in beta, and if you’re far more committed than I am to the new social media endeavor, you’re venturing into Google+ multiple times daily to update your circles, post pictures of puppies, and quote Leonardo DiCaprio. And yes, I’m representin’ Cait with that shout out.

Also of note this week, you can learn lots of things in this ProBlogger article, but the most important truth bomb it’ll hit you with is that, for once, a ninja is better than a pirate. I may incite some criticism for typing that, but that’s what comments sections are for.

On a more serious note, it’s always good to expand our horizons, and it’s fair to say not all of us know how to write a sales letter. Until now, thanks to Copyblogger. As freelancers, we don’t know what we’ll be called upon to write, but we do know that we can’t turn out crap content. And while a sales letter may not stretch our creative limbs, it is important to set expectations with clients up front, and writing a clear, comprehensive sales letter will separate you as one of the elite in your industry. Plus, it makes it harder for people to take advantage of you further on down the road.

Now that you’ve been imbued with the wisdom of your fellow writers, share your knowledgeness (seriously, read the Michael Scott blog) in the comments section below.

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