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WriterAccess Weekly Round-up: Reading, Writing, and Rocking

Welcome back from the weekend!

I am really bad at titles. I’ll admit that. Sometimes I spend longer trying to think of an effective, creative, thoughtful title than I do creating the content itself. (And yeah, sure sometimes I just throw something on there.) Instead of giving us some awesome formulae for creating exceptional titles and headers, ProBlogger is here to tell us what not to do—and, oh, OK, using formulae is frowned upon anyway. Am I the only one that missed this “Oh my” trope the post discusses? I don’t get it; how could making a title based on a movie that came out in 1939 not be en vogue?

Fuel Your Writing has a pretty cool recurring blog topic about writers and their writing spaces. This one is to be applied anywhere. And look, my back porch just looks onto someone else’s back porch, so this post might not be as relatable. I prefer this one in the series because it reminds me of Dawson’s Creek.

I know that as writers, bloggers, and editors, many of us don’t care to read small print in our off-hours because our eyes are already bugging from computer screens, but it is summer, the time for summer reading. And since all the (cool) kids are doing it, we should probably do it, too. ProBlogger has a list of the five must-read books for bloggers, in case you wanted to put down The Hunger Games and learn about your craft.

Speaking of your craft, For Bloggers, By Bloggers would like a side of chips with your blog. Give them a minute; they’ll get to the point. But essentially, FBBB encourages you to follow this guideline: “This is my blog and you know it’s my blog because you get [blank].” (In my case, it would be a ridiculous title.) Also, you should stay true to you, and part of that is how you talk. Nothing is more fake and discouraging than reading a blog that sounds like a thesaurus. And I do hope that I bring a little guacamole to the table.

Counterpoint!: Copyblogger wants nothing to do with you.

Finally, on a Monday we could all use a pick-me-up. People here at ideaLaunch and WriterAccess have started using Spotify, and it’s changing our lives. It’s perfect for editors and writers who need a little headphone action to get the work done, but Mashable has a list of four social music services for your office soundtrack that could satisfy many different environments. And if you’re at all into East Coast Canadian music (because who isn’t?) check out Joel Plaskett’s “A Million Dollars.” And when you get on, send me some music.

While you’re nodding along to some music, feel free to comment with tips, hints, issues, or any relevant links you may find over the week.

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