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WriterAccess Weekly Round-up: Non-Bruins Related Links

Welcome back from the weekend!

Well. There has been a bit of hubbub here in The Hub. (Our offices are beautifully located in the Italian North End of Boston.) You see, we have been dealing with the aftermath of this whole thing. Parties, celebrations, parades—the whole shebang. And boy are we out of sorts and tired from all this black and yellow pride. So if this Round-up is (more than usual) scattered, it’s because my brain is saying things like “I saw Chara and the Stanley Cup from a foot away” on repeat.

But let’s try this anyway. On to the (non-Bruins related) links!

Some people, like those over at Problogger, have been thinking clearly and thoroughly. They created a comprehensive post on SEO. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in SEO that may not have all the know-how yet. And for those that are more visually minded, yes it does have screenshots to show you what’s what.

ProBlogger was on fire last week, actually. Sure, maybe because I’m an editor, this is a strange post to link, but I think it brings up certain points that all writers should value, and it asks writers to look at the definition of “writing.”

Today I went to the store and I bought some apples that were green. Shopping at Boston Grocery Store is the best. They have lots of apples. Because I like apples, I find this store is my favorite to shop at. Sometimes I get strawberries.

Is that writing? OK technically, sure. But what does it need? Solid editing. Proper editing will look at purpose, direction, phrasing, grammar, order, consistency, style, and on and on. Writing is easy, Problogger says; editing is hard. “Taking care to craft your words is what distinguishes a blogger from a mere muser.” And may I add, unless you’re Conan O’Brien (or Leonardo Dicaprio?), I do not care for your musings.

We’ve discussed before why Twitter is a huge tool for promoting your business, your blog, or yourself. Jack Shafer from has compiled a list of people he does and does not follow on Twitter and why. Take a look at certain approaches people take to using Twitter (entertainment, informational, for conversation, etc) and see where you may be missing the mark. Is your Twitter feed a must for people in your industry?

And here’s some blogging advice from Ron Burgundy. Why? Just ‘cause.

You stay classy—until next week’s Round-up.

Please feel free to share any relevant links in the comment section and maybe I’ll feature them in next week’s Round-up.

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