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WriterAccess Weekly Round-up: Jimmy Dugan Supports Content Marketing

Welcome back from the weekend!

Is content marketing worth the effort?” asks Copyblogger. And as this directly pertains to the nature of WriterAccess’ business, I eagerly anticipated the answer. And of course, the answer is “Yes”— but Copyblogger added some kick-in-the-pants knowledge to make sure you get it. As the great, fictional Jimmy Dugan once said, “The hard is what makes it great.” Coal mining—now that’s hard. But not wanting to plop down some time, effort, and money for quality content to market your site is just, well, lazy. Too many easy solutions and get-rich-quick schemes are what caused the Google Panda and Farmer updates, and now these sites that don’t have quality content are being penalized. So basically: Stop complaining. The time you waste trying to find the easy way out is the time you could have spent creating the great content.

What do Shakespeare and two Italian plumbers have in common? Great blogging advice. While Shakespeare spouts some of the most romantic idealism in terms of writing and how you should be writing (“I wasted time, and now time doth waste me”), Mario and Luigi always taught us “Bros before Woes.” And don’t forget the importance of a clear task and goal; i.e. the princess in trapped in the castle, I must save her.

In blogging, people often encounter the same common slip-ups. Copyblogger steps in to cite these issues and offer steps toward fixing or avoiding them. My personal favorite: Your About page is lame. Always give quality, thorough information in your About page—it’s where you get to voice what you’re doing!

So this word walks into a bar …. Words evolve in meaning over time, but the rise of social media, blogging, and the Internet in general has rapidly enhanced this process in recent years. Who ever thought “tweet” would mean something other than “the sound a bird makes”?

What about you? If you come across any interesting links in the writing or content marketing world, post them in the comment section and maybe I’ll use them in next week’s Round-up!

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