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WriterAccess Weekly Round-up: Blogs with Friends

Welcome back from the weekend!

Last week, CopyBlogger dropped some blog-writing knowledge, Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles–style. The immortal artists of the Renaissance (and those Turtles) can teach us a thing or two about creating epic and prolific content— like by “freeing your angels” as did Michelangelo. My only question is:  Is Donatello not cool enough for the club?

While ProBlogger is trying to pit self-hosted blogs against Facebook in a war of marketing value, For Bloggers, By Bloggers is busy finding peace and showing the similarities between Twitter and a blog. There are plenty of arguments to be made over the ability to customize content, but the bottom line always tends to be that starting a conversation with quality content is the way to go on any platform. Shorter tweets or longer blogs both have to withstand the test of quality. And, wait; there are people and companies out there not on Facebook?

Sometimes, even blogs with quality content become lifeless. And when your audience has the world (wide web) at their fingertips, they will not stand for boring, snore-fest blogs. Your blog will quickly be skipped over for another that grabbed at their attention with something, anything, interesting. But Copyblogger has compiled a list of four ways to stop boring your readers to tears. Don’t assume anyone is reading; make them read!

Part of ensuring that your blog or other content is desirable and readable is that you as the writer are not constantly distracted. Distractions harm content by making it choppy, predictable, and boring because you don’t  have the time or energy to invest in creating groundbreaking content. ProBlogger’s writers have tips on how they’re eliminating minimizing distractions. And yes, maybe it’s time for me to take Angry Birds off my phone.

Are there games on your phone that can help writers? Scrabble is about words and vocabulary, right? So would Words with Friends, Scrabble’s phone-app cousin, be a benefit? Sure, maybe if you actually knew what any of those words you play for 45 points meant. Reeves Wiedeman at The Awl is looking to restore honor to online scrabble. Then maybe, just maybe, enhancing your vocabulary with your phone app “distraction” could be of use. I have no argument for Angry Birds yet, though.

What about you? What interesting links in the world of writing and content marketing have you come across? Add them to the comments section and maybe they’ll be featured in next week’s Round-up.

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