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WriterAccess Podcast: Marketing Multiplier with Kevin Donlin

Gilbert is a 5-Star writer for Writer Access
Gilbert is a 5-Star writer for Writer Access

Kevin Donlin doesn’t just write copy for a living, he’s an explorer, a scientist in the field, pushing the envelope of what a writer can do for their clients. Donlin has been working in web marketing since the mid-nineties, developing concepts like the “Client Cloning Kit,” a set of procedures and content that have been tested and proven to attract more clients your favorite clients, and improve relations with your existing base. In this half-hour podcast, Donlin discusses the science behind writer’s rituals from muscle-memory to selecting your work-hours.

  • Why should a writer consider “sleeping on it” before turning an assignment in?
  • How do you keep track of your goals as a writer?
  • Doing your best work by keeping a select clientele
  • Attaching a new concept to an old concept and getting a high-value prospect’s attention with a “paper e-mail”

“You put words on paper and people give you money. It’s one of the most addictive things on Earth.”

“What kills your productivity as a writer are the interruptions.”

“The most important writing is rewriting.”

In Marketing Multipliers, Donlin goes in-depth on the subject of building your career by becoming a better writer, and becoming a better writer by becoming a better salesperson.
Donlin tells listeners not only how to put his ideas to work, but how to approach your writing in order to develop new ideas of your own in order to refine your process, produce better work, and attract better clients.

Gilbert S has been a professional writer for the better part of a decade, working his way up from the half-cent a word trenches of the low end content mills to writing premium content for high profile clients.

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