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WriterAccess Podcast: Fierce on the Page Author Sage Cohen

Allaire W is a 5-Star Writer at Writer Access
Allaire W is a 5-Star Writer at Writer Access

Many people think it’s easy trying to make a living as a writer, but it’s not as easy as it looks. In this podcast, author, entrepreneur and poet Sage Cohen discusses her book Fierce on the Page. Cohen shares her insights into how to make writing practice a life, and life practice a writing practice so that you can become bigger, better and fiercer by doing what you love.

The author of two other books, Writing the Life Poetic and The Productive Writer, Cohen has quite a lot to say about the writing process, how to become more productive, and training yourself as a writer to intersect real-life experiences into your process.

In this episode:

  • Hear what is fierce about content creation and writing
  • Learn how to infuse your own style, tone and personality into your writing.
  • Maintain a healthy balance and tension between your experiences and the writing you produce.
  • Learn the skill of understanding and articulating what a client wants.
  • Understand the mindset and focus needed to be successful at any writing job.
  • Get tips for dealing with failure and letting go.
  • Find how to B.Y.O.B. – become your own brand.

Notable quotes in this podcast:

  • “Fierce means relentlessly self-responsible. I think if we are going to be effective in the writing life, that’s what we need to bring to it.”
  • “Fierce on the page is an invitation to know and work with yourself and become more effective in leveraging what you’ve got.”
  • “Being accountable to ourselves is the most essential practice in getting where we want to go as writers.”
  • “My biggest issue with failure is that we try to avoid it. I think that’s the most dangerous thing as a writer.”

For more of this conversation, check out the podcast! You can contact Sage Cohen at or through email at [email protected].

Allaire W has over twenty years experience in the Marketing, Literary and Communications industries. A versatile writer, she has a strong background in creating clear and concise content for articles, blogs, white papers, case studies, web copy, press releases and e-books.

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