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WriterAccess Hack #4 Go Mobile

If you had any doubt of the power of mobile, let these facts clear the air. According to the Pew Research Center, 95 percent of Americans have a cellphone and 77 percent are smartphone owners. For those of you reading this, chances are you are reading it on a mobile device rather than a laptop or that dinosaur of a desktop computer. In response to mobile use and on-the-go needs of writers, the WriterAccess App was released in 2017. Use the app to work on the fly for checking Casting Calls, submitting completed orders, and looking for WriterAccess FAQ answers.

Catching Those Casting Calls

A Casting Call is a writer’s opportunity to score a solo gig or get added to a Love List. Either way, Casting Calls open the doors for writing jobs. Submitting a Casting Call application only takes a few minutes. With the WriterAccess app you can apply anywhere. Standing in the grocery store checkout line, waiting to pick up your child from band practice, sitting in a dentist’s office…make money out of these moments by applying via the app.

You get a headline for each Casting Call that helps you decide if it’s a project for you. You also have a time frame on the main screen that shows how long the Casting Call has been available. Click on a Casting Call and receive additional info including the Star Rating, customer name, and link to the applicable order. Most importantly, here you can apply for said Casting Call.

Submitting Content

From the home page of the app, select My Orders to go to a list of your open orders and revision requests. Go to In Progress Orders to get a list of everything currently open for submission. Choose an order, scroll down, and see all of the information you have on a desktop or laptop. You can do everything here from saving and submitting to canceling a reservation.

So how do you submit work you’ve completed? Click on the text block and you are directed to an Edit Text screen. Here you’ll see all of the edit functions from creating headings and subheadings to inserting a link. Type out your work directly on the screen and return to the order page using the back arrow. Everything you wrote will be in the order submission block, ready to send to the client. This is perfect for emergency situations when you can’t get to a computer or when you want to work away from your desk, say by the seashore or under the trees at your favorite city park.

Find Out the Facts

Whether you are new to WriterAccess or you are a seasoned pro, there are times when you have questions that need answers. This is where the WriterAccess Basics come in. Using the Frequently Asked Questions found under the Info tab, you can find the answers you need in a flash. For example, if you want to know if you can sell the same article to multiple clients, or how to explain pricing to clients, the answers are all here.

Now, if you have been with WriterAccess for a while you might think you know it all. Bravo! However, the truth is the questions and answers change periodically based on the ever-changing marketplace. So give yourself a refresher and flip through the FAQs when you have a free mobile moment. You never know what you might learn that can help you be a better WriterAccess writer!

If you have more questions about how to use the WriterAccess App, we’re all ears.

Miranda B specializes in travel writing with a focus on cultural aspects including the truck driving industry, ecotourism, road trips, solo female travel, and culinary delights from every plate on earth. As a freelance writer Miranda is equally interested in all aspects of creative nonfiction, whether writing product descriptions, press releases, website content or rock-and-roll trivia questions.

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