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WriterAccess Hack #1: Finding New Talent

Ready to take your content to an interstellar level? Well, you are going to need the right writers to help you get there. Interested in finding those new content writers who have fresh skills and are ready to shine for you? Here’s a hack that will send your content soaring to the stars. Take advantage of the new talent that has found its way to WriterAccess.

How to Find New Talent

Instead of sticking with your trusty Love List or existing Teams, branch out a bit. The next time you have a piece of content or a project that needs to be completed in a snap, check out the Find Talent search option. Within your Client Dashboard, you can make all sorts of moves, including finding writers who are new to the platform. Here’s how:

  • Go to your Client Dashboard.
  • Click on the Find Talent tab on the sidebar to the left of the screen.
  • Go to Writers. Here you can do the stuff you’ve been doing, like searching for writers according to their star rating, industry, location, etc.

This is where the hack comes in!

  • Go to the More tab.
  • Select the Newest Talent category under the More tab.

This is where you’ll find writers who are new to the WriterAccess crew. These writers have honed their skills and worked as professional writers in other capacities, such as for corporations or as business owners. They have been well vetted and passed the WriterAccess test, and now you have the opportunity to work with them on the platform first.

All Star Levels

But wait! Why are you seeing mostly four-star writers under the Newest Talent category? Where did all the five- and six-star writers go? We tend to underrate our new writers for a variety of reasons. To earn the five- and six-star ratings, each of our writers must shine and be individually evaluated based on their work history here at WriterAccess. This involves completing a number of projects before being evaluated based on skill, professionalism, and other attributes we expect among our elite writers.

Our new writers want to connect with clients like you so they can start earning money by creating shiny new content. The truth is, many of our writers have the capacity to become five- and six-star writers and will eventually get that higher rating. With this hack, you find those great writers at all star levels before they have earned their certified, proven ranking that is backed by numerous customer reviews.

Major Savings for You

By giving these new writers an opportunity to advance, you also get a bit of a price reduction. After all, you’re helping WriterAccess to maintain a pool of the most qualified writers who are more than ready to jump in the deep end of content writing.

You might just end up finding that stellar writer you’ve been looking for. Plus, since they are new these writers aren’t already booked to capacity with other WriterAccess clients. So take that chance and hire a new writer on WriterAccess. You might just find that diamond in the rough…and save some money on high-quality content.

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