Growing Wheatgrass in the Window

WriterAccess Goes Green(er)

Growing Wheatgrass in the WindowOver the past week, WriterAccess has planted some amazing new members in its office. With some careful shaping from the rest of the team, they’ve really started to flourish. It’s only been a few days, but they have a natural grasp on the company’s roots…and we love that they’re not afraid to get down in the dirt to keep everything running smoothly. It’s been a pleasure, watching them reach new heights…

I’m talking, of course, about our new wheatgrass plants.

WriterAccess has always been a fan of all things green but, moving into the new year, we plan to introduce some new, healthier options to the snack cubby. We’ve taken a leaf out of Georgina’s and Amanda’s books, noting the benefits of juiced wheatgrass, which can mute mid-afternoon cravings, keep skin glowing, and even detox your liver and blood! As if that wasn’t enough, this super plant (its scientific name is “triticum aestivum”) is an even better energizer than coffee. Take that, Starbucks!

As WriterAccess continues to grow, we’re confident that our new, green, vitamin-filled friends will keep us happy and healthy in 2015. And, if you want to welcome some wheatgrass seeds into your office garden, know that they have our highest recommendation. They’re a great (gr)asset to any team!

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