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WriterAccess Acquired by Rock Content 

Exciting news, for WA customers, talent, and employees!

We are thrilled to announce that WriterAccess has been acquired by RockContent, one of the global leaders in the content marketing industry trusted by brands like IBM, Yahoo, Bank of America, Lancôme, Marvel, Oracle, NFL, and more. 

Our fans know the story of how WA zoomed from zero to industry leader without a smidge of VC funding, now on the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US for the last 7 years. Our idea-led, platform-centered, process-driven approach was the catalyst for our success. But the thousands of content creators that consistently exceeded customer expectations are the true heroes of our journey.

As you’ll learn moving forward, Rock Content has their own mission to revolutionize how businesses, brands, and agencies grow and scale business organically—the content marketing way. Rock’s popularity and reach in Brazil, Mexico, and Canada is impressive.  And their products, services, and brands including Ion, Visually, Studio, Stage, and more offer the pipeline modern marketers need for success online. 

As we progress forward together, WA will become the nerve center for the combined businesses, greatly expanding our Triad of Power: Talent, Tools, and Training. Soon customers from around the world will connect on our platform to find talent by country, place orders for projects, and manage the workflow with robust tools that make it easy to communicate, collaborate, and publish optimized content to deliver on performance goals.

WA will operate as an independent unit of Rock Content, with no changes planned for the operation of the business to mitigate disruption. Heather White will continue her role as the President of WA and the online marketplace division, maintaining the operation and mitigating disruption. Aaron Robinson will remain at the helm of platform software development, leading an expanded team of developers that provide much more support transforming our ideas into platform features to propel us forward.

And I’ll remain onboard to support integration and foster innovation and continue as Chair of Content Marketing Conference launching on November 9-11, 2022 with a new approach — free virtual learning AND live comedy marketing venues at locations around the globe.

Do reach out to me with questions, or ideas for betterment that are now possible with our new resources powered by Rock Content:

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