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We Just Improved our Platform… BIG TIME

WriterAccess is excited to announce new software tiers and managed service levels!

Why the upgrades?

We’ve had the same product offering for seven years now, bundling advanced software with managed services.

Over time, customer needs have changed. Some customers want advanced software without the managed service. And other customers want managed services without the advanced software.

We concluded that our bundled software and managed service did not meet customer needs. And our software solutions needed an upgrade to stay on the leading edge.

Listening to customer needs led us to split our software from managed services and modernize the offerings, benefits, and features along the way.

What’s new, in a nutshell?

1. Four Software Tiers

We spent the last 6 months building out and testing new software features that are sure to WOW, with a few innovations that are industry firsts.

Our new mobile app for Android and Apple offers just about everything you’ll find on the desktop to find writers, place orders, and manage the workflow.

New Writing Style Contests and Smart Match Me Up tools help you find the perfect writers, pronto.

White label solutions help agencies scale content with WriterAccess silently in the background.

And content analytics can now be set up in minutes, giving you publishing vision and big data to deliver on performance goals.

New customers can select between four software tiers, starting with BASIC software that’s free and offers access to writers only and core workflow tools.

More advanced software ranges from $39 to $99 per month, offering all kinds of benefits like zero order processing fees (currently 70 cents per order), monthly SERP tracking (100 to 1,000 keywords) and free use of 700,000 images and 80,000 videos!

But that’s just the beginning, really, of what you’ll find when you take a look.

2. Four Managed Service Levels

We also rolled out NEW managed service levels to better meet the needs of businesses and agencies.

You can fly in COACH service and pay-as-you-go. Or upgrade to BUSINESS or AGENCY CLASS and get on the fast track with dedicated support, talent recommendations, platform hacks, and more.

We also introduced a new service level called PRIVATE CHARTER that offers a fully outsourced content marketing solution, customized for your needs and budget. Pre-defined strategy products aim your content in the right direction with buyer personas, a keyword map, and a customer journey map with a built-in editorial calendar. Simply request a pricing quote to put your content marketing on autopilot with the support and strategy you need for success.

Look forward to hearing your feedback.

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