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Writer Wednesday: Jessica F

Jessica FThis week, meet writer Jessica F from Jacksonville, FL!  Check out our blog every Wednesday for a new interview with our super talented and very interesting WriterAccess writers.  For more featured writers, visit our Writer Wednesday category.

What first got you interested in writing as a career?

Becoming a writer was always my plan. As a kid when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would proudly say I would write, and looking back I realize that my parents and teachers probably thought that was just as noble of an answer as those who said “astronaut” or “president.” When I reached high school and it was time to head to college I still wanted to write, except saying so was no longer cute or acceptable. This translated into “I don’t know what I want,” and I started studying English with a vague understanding that what I hoped for in life probably wasn’t going to happen, but I was moving forward anyways.

Like many English students, I thought I was going to end up teaching. I write for personal reasons and I write creatively, but the freelance writing I do is my base. There is nothing so beautiful as waking up daily and knowing that I can sit down, read-up on a subject and create content.

According to your profile, you went to school to study political discourse and feminist rhetoric. How do you think those fields have informed your path as a freelance writer?

I completed my Masters Degree in rhetoric and composition and wrote my M.A thesis on political discourse and feminism. In my research I looked intensely at exclusionary writing and evaluated the level of feminist influence on a political speaker based on their level of rhetorical inclusivity.

When I write web content, it is with the understanding that absolutely anyone may read it. Freelance writing is the ultimate practice for inclusivity, which makes it a feminist act in certain ways. I write on behalf of others, reaching men and women alike in an indiscriminate and subtle fashion. There is no gendering to my writing. I feel that my past studies have helped me to capture the correct tone and voice for the audience I am writing for, which is essential in web writing.

Do you have a favorite niche to write in?

I love writing on environmental issues, non-profit organization and education. I feel like these are topics that affect everyone’s lives but are so often overlooked. When I write on any one of these topics I try my best to make the piece engaging and informative. I consider that my piece may be someone’s introduction to this topic, and I want to make sure I encourage them to take a profound interest in the subject.

What are you up to when you aren’t writing?

It is impossible to become a talented writer if you don’t read regularly, so I try to fit in time for reading daily. I also understand the necessity of balance in life, which is why I make an effort to turn off the computer at a certain time of night. This is when I play with my dog, go running or tend to my vegetable garden, which is my favorite hobby.

Got any pro tips for your fellow writers?

Practice makes perfect; so to write well you have to write often. Freelance writing is the perfect resource for those who want to write for themselves. It is an opportunity to stretch your mind and learn about topics you might not have thought about before. I learn so many things through my freelance writing, all while having the chance to tune my writing skills.

Jessica F is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

Louis Roe is a content marketing intern at WriterAccess. Contact Louis on Twitter @lojoroe or by email Louis.Roe (at)

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