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Writer Profile Iris M: Experienced Business Pro

Iris M.
5-Star Writer Iris M.

This month, we sat down with 5-Star Writer Iris M, a business executive with deep experience in operations and procedures.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become a writer and how did you get your start?

I got my start during high school. I enjoyed courses that required research, essays and written debate.  The challenge for the writer or speaker is, of course, to explain the topic in simple terms without losing the content’s importance, while holding the reader’s attention.  It also needs to justify the reason without judgment of the viewpoint or opinion.  Research was a method of learning outside of the book and classroom.  It still is.

Q: Which industries do you enjoy writing on the most? (and why)

My first choices are always anything to do with business, incorporating management and engineering.  I also have an interest in cooking.  To me it’s an art with a combination of science.  In writing, I’m looking for the benefit and answers to why or how these changes or new methods can actually improve a situation. Technology continues to intrigue me – not just the speed, but the concept developments from ideas into working products or services. My personal interests are in health topics related to lifestyles and food.

Q: How do you motivate yourself to write about a potentially dull topic?

I do the research to collect a wide range of feedback.  Collected information from a variety of experiences actually helps to form a concept or approach in my head before converting it to readable content.  Hopefully, the reader learns something new or they get a new perspective and a willingness to change how they look at the situation.  It doesn’t mean they were wrong or that the choice isn’t viable, it means there are other alternatives to getting the desired results.

Q: What does your current workspace look like?

I’ve worked in virtual offices before the term was coined.  Pretty much my office has a sense of order with a view of the outside world and easy access to the next cup of coffee. Today it’s nice to have the mobility with tools of the trade at my fingertips and light enough to carry.

Q: What is one thing you wish you knew when you started freelance writing?

I wish I knew more about different writing styles. It’s been a learning curve.  During my career I worked in government and business sectors. Those communication formats are very different from news reporting, journalism or even literature.  I tend to be more directive and ordinance-based in my writing and have learned to ease up for online writing.  I would like to learn a more journalistic style as it seems to fit better with some topics.

Q: Do you have a favorite book?

Hard one – since I enjoy history and biographies about personalities; particularly U.S. presidents and world leaders.  I do enjoy popular fiction books when I’m traveling or just hanging out.  A few of my favorites are life topics.  

  • The Little Book That Beats The Markets
  • The Secret
  • The Last Lecture

Q: Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you handle it?

I take a break and get away from the computer.  But I do take the idea with me and try to put myself in the client’s place.  Sometimes the idea pops into my head quickly with a good starting point.  Other times it takes more creative instincts, such as drawing from past experiences. I ask myself questions about how these past ideas could have been better or I think about recent ideas that never fell into place and why.  It’s all an opportunity to create.  Once an idea hits, the rest falls into place.

About Iris M.

5-Star Writer Iris M. joined WriterAccess in 2015 and has completed 191 orders. A seasoned executive, she’s worked in both domestic and international business. She enjoys writing about entrepreneurship, small, large, and maturing businesses. Her focus is on regulations and guidelines covering operational functions, with expertise in health, business, trade, investment, education, and process and procedure. Iris has a B.S. in Business/Management from California Coast University.

As Talent Manager at WriterAccess, Meghan Law recruits, onboards and nurtures the careers of professional freelance writers, editors, translators and content specialists.

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