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Writer Podcast: Steve Scott and Writing Habit Mastery

Are you a writer who struggles at times with producing great content? All of us occasionally hit that wall that makes it feel like we’re pulling teeth just to get a few words on the page.

At WriterAccess, we’ve looked deeply into solutions to help curb writer’s block and keep the good content flowing. In our recent Writer Podcast, author Steve Scott gives practical tips for all kinds of writers.


Steve writes eBooks and online content full time. His work is often 1,500 words or more and he self-publishes through Amazon for his target audience of fellow writers. He has addressed the problem of writer’s block and how to master writing habits for better productivity that he knows every writer struggles with. Steve estimates he has sold 400,000-500,000 copies of his eBooks.

“It’s really kind of short, progressive, incremental improvement.” – Steve Scott

In this podcast episode, Steve touches on some helpful tips that writers can use to improve their work. You’ll hear his tips to:

  • Focus on Core Habits
  • Make One Change at a Time
  • Set Modest Goals
  • Observe Shorter Writing Times in Focused Segments
  • Collect Ideas and Plan Content Topics well in Advance

Steve also talks about his own failures. He says 20-30% of his books flop, despite his belief that they would make a good topic for his audience. Before even writing, Steve searches for keywords on Amazon to see what else has been written on the topic he is planning and how the sales have been on that topic. He has found that the farming, artistic and esoteric books don’t seem to do as well with this method of online publishing. On the other hand, books on the subjects of health, relationships, personal passion, and wealth perform well, according to Steve.

Writing is becoming a very competitive industry. Many professionals have considered this a get-rich-quick method that has led to an overwhelming deluge of content. Steve shares the same advice that we are hearing all over the industry: make sure your content is valuable and that you are building your readership with quality work. This is really the only way to cut through the clutter and establish a reader base that returns for more of your work in the future.

Our weekly podcasts are just one way to plug into our writer community and learn more about what we do best. Check in every week to hear the latest guest speaker interviewed by Byron White, WriterAccess Founder and CEO.

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If you missed a podcast, don’t worry – we have them published and ready for you to listen to at any time. Make sure you check out this podcast with guest speaker Steve Scott for more information on how to master writing and motivate your own career in publishing online content.

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