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WriterAccess Podcast with Author Jacky Fitt

Jacky Fitt, the co-founder and co-director of The Big Ideas Collective, presented a TEDx PocklingtonEd talk in 2015 on the concept of ‘give and get’ in the business world.  Since then the award winning British author published “How to Get Inside Someone’s Mind and Stay There” as a continuum of her creative communication process.

She is here with WriterAccess CEO Bryon White to discuss how great content is created, while focusing on the customer. Learn how Jacky got started in the writing business as an author, editor and copywriter. Jacky then digs deep with tips and advice on how writers can better communicate with customers in order to arrive at great content.


In the Podcast

  • Learn how to define great writing, no matter who is your clientele
  • Discover the secret sauce for writers who are interested in building lasting relationships with clients
  • Where do we go wrong in thinking about writing in copy?
  • Find out what Jacky’s method is for understanding the wants and needs of customers and how you can apply it to your own projects and client relationships
  • Redefine how you communicate with clients, and learn how to identify the missing links and potholes of your communication efforts so you can repair these

Favorite Quotes by Jacky Fitt

“It all starts with who is it we are trying to talk to. When you really understand that then you can start to look at the kind of messages and the kind of writing that’s going to attract those kinds of people.”

“More often than not, [experts on topics] are so close to what they are doing, they are experts in it, that they can’t work out the key messages for that audience. They are not putting themselves in their audience’s view.”

“What’s most important for the audience [or client] is ‘What’s in it for me?’” [Tweet it]

“You just have to be an endlessly curious person. As a professional writer I read a lot of books on the subject, I’m always looking for interesting stuff to help further my understanding of how people are influenced, what influences them, why.”

“Communication is absolutely paramount, and the barriers that are put in the way of communication ultimately are going to impact anything we do. So the simpler, the more straight forward we can make a system or process when talking to people would be the favorite.”

“Stay curious as a professional, as a writer, stay curious…Stay in love with your clients, stay with your customers, get a real feeling to the best of your ability. Really, really enjoy what you do.” [Tweet it]

Want to shift gears and bring the focus back on your customers? Of course you do! Your clients want that, too, so jump right in to the podcast, How to Get Inside Someone’s Mind and Stay There with Jacky Fitt and Byron White. You will develop easy to apply communication skills that will help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

Miranda B is a 6-Star writer at WriterAccess
Miranda B is a 6-Star writer at WriterAccess

6-Star writer Miranda B specializes in travel writing with a focus on cultural aspects including green living, religion, food, fashion, education and interior design. She is trained as a certified librarian practitioner, which combines her love of community with reading.

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