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Writer Podcast: Bryan Kramer

Growing up, children learn that sharing is caring. How are we applying this elementary aged concept to the real world as adults? More so, do we still believe that sharing is caring?

According to Bryan Kramer, sharing says a lot about our online culture, more than we dare to realize. Kramer is a social strategist and author of “Shareology: How Sharing Powers the Human Economy” and “Human to Human: #H2H.” His name joins the ranks of CEO as the leader of PureMatter, and Kramer is a Top 25 Influencer to Follow by Forbes. A TED speaker and authority on all things digital, Kramer joins WriterAccess CEO Bryon White to discuss his theories on shareability, social connections and content creation.

byranpodcastFiguring out how to create content worth sharing, and worthy of our time, is imperative for any business and brand striving for a successful future. Kramer gives his perspectives
on why sharing is so important for the human race. Then he goes a step further and identities specific ways we can do this effectively each and every time we go online.

Kramer digs into the world of content creation and how we use human connection to make the most of digital information. For ghostwriters and freelancers, figuring out how to create content that is best suited for connectivity involves at least two aspects: personalization of content for each network, and the ability to hone the voice of the client. Here Kramer discuss how to perfect these areas for content worth sharing with others.

  • What human to human really means in terms of content
  • Why sharing is so important to humans
  • What do we really mean by human connection
  • What is the best way to express a sharing methodology
  • How can making mistakes on social media and with content help your brand image

“Our brains, subconsciously or consciously, will opt in to information and want to hear more from that person, and that can apply both offline and online. And the more that you hear from somebody and the more that they share those things, the more they take time to share quality information…the more you are going to want to opt into more stories they tell.”

Miranda B is a 6-Star writer at WriterAccess
Miranda B is a 6-Star writer at WriterAccess

“The more that we humanize brands, the more we are going to want to connect with brands.” [Tweet it]

“What we really want to connect with is the influence of another person.” [Tweet it]

If you are lacking in online connections, having trouble forging web relations, and simply feeling like the odd man out in terms of content development, this is the podcast for you. Listen and learn as Bryan and Bryon talk about how to create content with emotional value that speaks volumes for a brand and business. Hone your content writing capabilities as a writer with the trade tips provided by these digital marketing gurus in this podcast. Go Human to Human #H2H to learn more today.

To listen to this podcast, click here. 

6-Star writer Miranda B is a professional writer, Miranda puts her MS in Sociology to work when writing for and about people and cultures.

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