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Write About Something You Love: Your Garden

With so much content mass-produced these days, it is very easy to get caught up writing on topics you are not passionate about. The best part about freelancing for WriterAccess is the ability to write about topics that you care about professionally, as well as on a personal level. Gardening is a prime example.

The most inspiring thing about gardening is that practically anyone can do it, and then subsequently write about it. Whether you are just beginning to find your way in the gardening world, or you have been planting seasonally for years with a degree in sustainable agriculture, why not write about it?

In order to fit in with all the other freelance garden writers in the world, you may want to look into various resources to help you get started. For instance, there is the Garden Writers Association (GWA), which houses over 1,800 writers within the lawn and garden industry. Aligning yourself with such organizations can only increase your chances of being published, and ultimately established as an authority in the industry. The first step, however, is to build your writing resume. In other words, don’t be afraid to jump in and literarily get dirty, then write about it.

Besides exposure, one of the biggest issues for those looking to be a garden writer is not having one to write about. Some of the most experienced gardeners live in densely populated, urban areas full of small apartment buildings without space, or open land to garden. With that said, even those that live in urbanized areas still keep their garden dream alive. In some ways using house planters, or joining a community garden is more appealing because the fresh produce and plants are largely uncharacteristic of an urban setting, and consequently take more skill and strategy to bring to fruition.

Whether you live in a rural area with vast land to garden, or in an urbanized environment where you must get creative with your planting, don’t be afraid to write about such endeavors. If you find your writing is not getting the respect or exposure it deserves, then look into joining an association such as the GWA. The best way to start a career with all the other freelance garden writers is to write about what you know, and the experiments on what you don’t. So long as you are candid and clear, readers will only prosper from what you write.

Jamison H is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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