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Working With Freelancers: Quantifying Time & Scheduling: Yes, It Matters

Time and scheduling are immensely important factors when it comes to creating a productive working relationship between you as a client and our writers here at WA. As with any other aspect of business, you have a choice to make. Do you want it fast or good? Perhaps, you have heard it stated, “do you want it right or right now?” Regardless of how you go about ordering your content, you have a choice to make. You often need to choose between pushing an order through quickly and ensuring it is error free. Often, the two simply can’t coexist.

Working With Freelancers: Quantifying Time & Scheduling: Yes, it Matters

Do You Want it Right…or Right Now?

You can pay up for better writers who are more qualified to write on the topic. This is likely a good idea if your content requires extensive experience or knowledge to compose. However, simply acquiring a more qualified writer might not be enough to ensure error free work if you don’t allow adequate time for a writer to create the content for you. I know as a writer when I feel rushed, I am much more likely to make simple errors and not catch typos and other little mistakes. I feel pressured to get the content back to the client, fast, and this takes precedence over making sure the content is error free.

Can’t Writers be Fast and Good?

Yes and no. Many of the professional freelance writers here are so talented that they can create virtually error free content, even in a pinch or time crunch. Remember, though, the purpose of this piece is to communicate what a rushed delivery on an order feels like from the writer’s perspective. Just because a writer can deliver in a bind, doesn’t mean they prefer working in that harried of manner. I can speak personally that I prefer to have ample time to do in depth research and to ensure the content I create is the best I can produce. If I am rushed, mistakes are simply more possible.

What if You Can’t Control The Time Frame

We understand that often our clients are a go-between, the middle guy, working both sides between us and the end client. Therefore, we get that sometimes, you as a client here at WA aren’t able to alter the time frame of a project. We understand. Often, it just takes a simple message conveying this fact. For example, a quick “I am so sorry, but this order is on a tight deadline, I am going to need it back really soon and I apologize,” works wonders. Also, if you do need it rushed, let’s say you need it turned around in 24 hours, then consider offering a bonus for delivery. This can give us as writers an incentive to put these orders ahead of our other scheduled work (if possible).

Of course, sometimes, we simply are too booked to fit a rushed order in, and if that’s the case, we would love our clients to understand and not forget about us next time when they place an order. Communication is key. If you just tell us what you’re up against, it will often make the ordering and delivery process much easier, and it shows that you respect our time.

We Have Schedules Too

Speaking of respect, another important aspect of a healthy working relationship between us as writers and our clients is to understand we also have schedules as well and respect this fact. Yes, we are providing a service to you, our valued clients. Therefore, our schedules are sometimes put on the back burner. However, many clients don’t seem to realize we have any sort of other commitments or time constraints. To illustrate this, consider the following scenario:

You call a car repair service for a needed repair on your car. They say they are booked three days out and won’t be able to do the work until that time. How crazy would it be for you to take your car on over there immediately and expect the repairs you need to be completed the same day, even though the repair shop just told you they couldn’t work on your car until at least three days later? You wouldn’t do that. It just doesn’t make sense.

This same type of scenario happens to us as writers all the time. I don’t know how many times I have communicated personally with a client that I can’t work on an order until a specific day only to have it come either three days earlier or a week later than we discussed. Either can be just as problematic.

Bottom Line

Simply knowing we do have schedules and respecting that fact is all we ask. We have other work, life situations to handle and other responsibilities to juggle. Respect our schedule and availability, and we will in turn respect yours. That isn’t to say we can’t work you in when you are in a bind, but please don’t just assume we can do this every time, sometimes it is not doable. When working with freelancers, be sure to place enough importance on scheduling, time frame, work quality and respect. This will create the best working relationship, which is what we all want as freelancers… to have a great relationship with each one of our valuable clients. We just ask you to remember that quality often takes time. In turn, don’t expect perfection when pushing a fast approaching deadline.  Contact us at WA to hire one of our amazing freelance writers who will partner with you on your project.

Brandie P

Guest Author

By WriterAccess

Guest Author

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