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Woman Vs. Food – 5 Confessions of a Small Time Food Writer

ticketWhile most of my work as a writer is on thrilling topics like cloud storage, HVAC maintenance and content marketing, occasionally I’m lucky enough to pick up a “fun” gig. Unfortunately most of the time I’ve had the chance to dip my toes into the waters of the freelance travel bloggers, I don’t get paid. One of my favorite jobs was no exception; it was an unpaid assignment. However, I did get some awesome (and awful) free food!

I reviewed some of the interesting snacks and treats at the local fair and completed a write up in our community paper. While I attempted to make the story fun, lighthearted and balanced, I will share with my readers here, the truth of the matter—five confessions from my experience.

  • If I get a “last meal” it will be fried pickles – They are too salty, too greasy, and I know I took 3 months off my life, but they are delicious. I also admit I have tried to make them at home since trying them at the fair.
  • Those big turkey legs are impressive-looking, but meh – It honestly tasted more like ham than turkey. However, I did feel like I could be on “Game of Thrones” swilling mead while eating it.
  • Ice cream is just ice cream – I tried at least three or four different “hand churned” ice creams. They all tasted about the same to me. Give me a small cup of gelato; I suppose I’m a dairy snob.
  • Wait for baseball season – The hotdogs I tried were highly unimpressive—I was expecting more from the “deep fried” dog. However, I think the hotdog vendors were cutting corners by using cheap dogs, a big no-no in my book.
  • I got full, fast – Even just trying a bite or two of everything, I got full REALLY quickly. If you plan to go on an eating binge at the fair, plan to make it an all day event. You will never be able to enjoy yourself otherwise.

While I did enjoy a few things more than I thought I would (the Amish donuts were AMAZING), on the overall, the fair food was just “fair”. After trying so many different things, I don’t think I’d ever see myself eating a meal on carnival food again. Next time, I’m just coming for the pickles!

Bio – Tracy S likes pina coladas, but despises getting caught in the rain. She’s into yoga pants and most of her clients would agree that she has (at least) half a brain.

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