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Winning the Google Game

high fiveSEO packs a powerful punch for a three-letter word. It simply rules the world of content writing. Applying SEO principles the correct way can help your small business gain wider exposure to customers and potential customers alike. Making too many missteps can make you drown in a crowded virtual sea of similar websites and blogs.

How do you create content that will stand out on search engines in a good way? That’s the million dollar question. The answer comes down to winning the Google game all small businesses must play.

If you want to become the MVP for crafting content in the Google game, you can incorporate these five winning strategies into your professional content writing playbook:

Create content people want to share

A root purpose behind all of your content is to get people talking about your business. What better way to do it than to create an article or blog post that captures their interest? Choose topics designed to stimulate your target audience’s natural curiosity and use them as content building blocks. If you run an auto repair shop, for example, offering winter car care tips might appeal to your intended audience.

Do effective keyword research

Effective SEO hinges on placing relevant keywords in your content. Keywords are search terms plugged into search engines. Building your content around the right keywords makes it rank higher in search engine results. Research keywords applicable to your brand and craft topics for content around the most widely used search terms. Never waste time or energy on things your audience will not care about.

Put your content on one domain

Major search engines are sticklers for original content. If your content gives an appearance of being duplicated material, it will slide down search engine rankings in a heartbeat. A search engine will understand your blog post or article is unique and original when it is all posted on the same domain or sub-domain. The search engine will see it all belongs to the same family and not mistakenly punish you for duplicate content.

Take a stand

You cannot please everyone with your content and should not try. Never shy away from voicing your opinion on a topic and standing behind it. Some of your audience will agree with you. Others will disagree. That’s a good thing. Healthy debate sparks conversation and enhances your content’s share value.

Integrate brand and content

Never separate your brand from the content you produce. Stick to core topics related to your industry. A sporting goods website will drive away customers from reading its blog if every post is dedicated to news and rumors on the latest summer blockbuster. Understand your niche and craft content relevant to it and your brand.

John C is a seasoned writer and editor who counts multiple publications and websites among his regular freelance clients. John puts his talents to good use on diverse assignments that include covering major sports teams and athletes, writing about the great outdoors and chronicling business news and trends.

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