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Why You Should Ask Writers for Title Suggestions

The title, or headline of a piece is of great importance to the success of your article or blog post.

Not only does the title need to entice readers to click on it and read it in full, it should also be optimized for search engines so the bots can assess the subject matter of your content piece. Ideally, the title should contain the keyword that you aim to rank for as well.

SEO Writers Know How to Write Successful Titles

While you may be adept at coming up with clever titles for your website, writers who are skilled at SEO know how to write titles that will attract bot and human traffic.

Writers have access to a multitude of title-writing tools, including online education from the Hubspot Academy. The Hubspot Academy offers a Hubspot Inbound Certification, which endorses a writer’s expertise in creating titles that optimize traffic. In other words, many writers have marketing skills that most site owners simply don’t have and don’t have time to acquire.

How to Ask Writers For Title Suggestions

On the client dashboard, under “Place Order,” there is a set of options under “Instruction Setup.” To ask your writer for title suggestions, all you need to do is click the radio button next to “Writer Pitch Idea(s),” as demonstrated in the image below:

Your writer will then be able to suggest one or more topic titles for your review. You’ll have the option of approving or disapproving the titles. If none of the suggestions are appealing to you, it’s useful to message the writer and explain why you’ve rejected them. That will help narrow the writer’s focus so that future suggestions may be more to your liking. When you do approve a topic, the order will be un-paused, and the writer can begin work.

Let the writer help your content piece succeed by allowing them to come up with title suggestions. This is a free service that’s offered by WriterAccess, so there’s no extra cost to you, but the benefit is great.

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