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Why Web Designers Need Content Writers

Web Designer and WriterMany web designers believe that they can forego the use of content writers by providing content for the website themselves. Some of them don’t even offer content, but instead use placeholder text and leave the content management completely in the client’s hands. This is often a mistake for many reasons. Web designers usually aren’t as well-versed in search engine optimization and researching as freelance writers, and providing a completed website with content is an excellent way for a web designer to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Why Web Designers Should Provide Content

When clients are looking for a website, they usually mean a website that has content on it. Many clients expect content to be provided with a website and will not be satisfied with a website that merely contains placeholder text. Virtually all professional web design companies offer content writing as an inclusion to their service, and for good reason. Clients that pay for a website expect to be paying for a completed product that can be immediately launched. However, this often calls for the web designer to hire a writer.

Why Web Designers Need Content Writers

Many web designers may feel compelled to complete the writing themselves. They might think they can make more money by cutting costs and charging their clients for the writing fees. However, unless the web designer is also a freelance writer, this could make for bad business. A web designer who isn’t skilled in writing won’t be able to craft coherent copy as quickly as a writer, and this is valuable time the designer could be using for their more marketable skills. Further, the web designer may not be able to produce content that is professional and optimized for search engines. An unsuccessful website will only lead to disappointed clients.

Why Using Content Writers Is Easy

Rather than spending hours researching topics for clients and laboriously trying to put together articles, the web designer can simply post a few inquiries on a writing website. The web designer can then focus on layout and return later to find fresh content they can pop into the site they’ve created. Using content writers is fast and simple, and allows the web designer to tap into a vast pool of specialized knowledge rather than having to develop this knowledge themselves.

Why Using Content Writers Is Cost Effective

By using content writers, a web designer can increase the profitability of their websites by charging more for a comprehensive web solution. A web designer who provides content to their clients will be able to create a more marketable package overall and therefore be more appealing to potential clients. They will also find that their satisfied customers may further increase their revenue by referring more clients to them.

Web designers may be surprised to discover the benefits of using a content writer to augment their existing products. Many clients today are looking for content design as much as they are looking for web design, especially due to the proliferation of search engine optimization services. Web designers may find that they can increase their revenue dramatically by providing professional and comprehensive content services with the aid of a content writer.

Jenna I is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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