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Why We Have Hobbies Instead of Second Jobs

Freelance hobby writers often tend to specialize in a specific hobby, like coin collecting, model trains or miniatures. It’s not hard to find someone who keeps a train set or someone who can talk at length about stamp collecting, model kit building and comic books. This is because all hobbyists have their own hobby that they’re passionate about. And we’re all driven by the same curiosity, motivation and passion that mold who we are as individuals with different, unique hobbies.

Why a Hobby?

Many of us who blog about our hobbies or the hobbies of others will never pursue that hobby as a career option. We’ll never turn our comic book collection into a store or take on coin collecting in an investment capacity. Why not?

Simple: there’s a purity to what you do when it’s just for fun.

The comic store owner has to stock what’s selling, even when it’s not that good. The train collector has to sell cheaper, easier-to-use sets if he wants to work in a hobby store. The coin collector who wants to make a living on his collection has to look into the most rare and valuable coins rather than just the ones she likes.

When it’s just for fun, the only consideration is personal satisfaction, the pleasure of installing a new length of train track, the joy of finding out that your favorite comic writer wrote a bunch of stories for a competing publisher under a pseudonym. These joys become compromised when money is a motivating factor.

Some people wind up making money on their hobby blogs anyway. Their passion becomes reason enough to hire them. These are the bloggers who you want on your side simply because their readers trust them.

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