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Why to Hire a Web Site Copywriter for Your Online Retail Store

These days, online retailers are becoming just as popular as classic brick-and-mortar storefronts. But as e-commerce increases, so do the options of potential customers on where to shop. How do you set your online retail store apart from others?

Whether your e-commerce business offers handmade goods, a unique product, or drop ship mass produced items, hiring a web site copywriter is vital. Here are three reasons.

Custom Approach

Web shoppers are not stupid. In fact, studies have shown that most are educated, informed, and picky about the purchasing decisions that they make. They realize if they are reading the same product description on your website that they saw four websites ago. Thus, utilizing manufacturer descriptions alone for your website is just not enough. By hiring a professional copywriter, you store will stand out. In addition, most copywriters understand the unique call to action wording needs of retailers versus general sales website information.

Unique Search Engine Results

Search engine optimization (aka SEO) has become quite the buzzword in internet marketing lately, and for good reason. Most web shoppers rely on search engines to find smaller retail outlets to purchase goods and services. They also do not like to browse past the first few websites listed in a search. This creates a dire need to rank within the first page. SEO makes this happen. Why? Search engines like unique and informative content. If they notice a particular description listed several times on various websites, it hurts rankings. By hiring a freelance copywriter trained in ecommerce, your website has the potential for ranking higher than those using boilerplate descriptions and content.

Time Saver

After deciding to create custom content for your ecommerce website, you might get a little nervous looking at the hundreds or thousands of product descriptions that need to be written. Never fear! Hiring a freelance writer or team of copywriters enables you to get back to the other important tasks in your online retail business.

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Landra Lynn J is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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