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Why to Hire a Ghostwriter for Your Company Blog


Most companies need a blog, which connects with their customers via their website to make them seem less like a faceless company and more like business with a personality, that cares about its customers and connects with them on a more personal level. When owners of the business are often busy running the business and employees are busy working for the business, company blogs are often neglected, forcing the owners to hurriedly write it themselves or delegate the job to an employee with little experience or interest in writing about a company they don’t own.

To remedy this, it may behoove you to hire a freelance writer to help write the company blog. In many circumstances, it’s best to hire a ghostwriter, so there is someone writing the company blog who isn’t taking credit for posts about a company they rarely spend time in and don’t own or work at as a full time employee. This protects the authenticity of the blog itself, so it feels like it is being written by members of the community, rather than a hired gun who knows how to write, but doesn’t necessarily know the company.

Ideally, your blog should feel like it is coming from a collective that represents a company, itself. Often, you don’t want to post in the first person, as this focuses the blog on a sole individual within the company, rather than the business, as a whole. It might be best to ask ghostwriters to write in the second person, then take the time to go through each submitted blog entry and ensure it is in the right voice and reflects the tone and style of the company.

Ghostwriters have another benefit — they can be replaced if necessary and names won’t have to change on each blog entry. That means you won’t be committed to any one name or person who creates the blog’s personality going forward and can find another talented ghostwriter to come in and write an entry here or there without making the company blog feel all over the place. It’s also important to note that ghostwriters have no vested interest in the company and therefore no grudges, as an employee or fellow owner of the company may. They are simply on contract, writing what you ask them to write by deadline. It is, in many ways, the perfect relationship.

Eli K is a writer and journalist who has lived all over America and worked in just about every facet of the writing trade. He has worked extensively as a ghostwriter on a wide variety of projects, though he’ll never divulge on what specifically.

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