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Why Leave Amazon Out of Your Social Media Strategy?


According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine by Ken Makovsky, social media has become fundamental to the content marketing plan of a majority of corporations all over the world. After all, companies produce great content to attract and educate potential customers, but they need some way to promote the content before the content can help promote their business.

According to this article, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube attract the most businesses. Those are probably the social networks you would have guessed off the top of your head. In fact, you might be shaking your head right now, groaning a bit, and wishing those large social networks were both less competitive and filled with more actual buyers.

Which Social Network Got Left Out?

What if I told you that you can plunder an overlooked social networking site that is a full of buyers just waiting to spend money and not just people interested in cat pictures? Besides already having millions of credit-card holding buyers, the site also has millions of active and sometimes fanatical social networking users.

If you already guessed Amazon, you don’t have to send me $.99 for the eBook. Since I’m not actually here to sell you anything except for an idea, let me outline an effective content marketing plan that leverages the social power of this giant retailer:

Create and Publish an eBook

Your creation does not have to be very long, but it should actually provide consumers with some good information that relates to your business and establishes you as a credible source. Don’t forget to include calls to action to get readers to visit your website, pick up the phone, or fill out a lead form. Also, covers are critical on a visual medium, so trouble yourself to get a nice one made.

Connect with Amazon Influencers

Finding online influencers at Amazon couldn’t be simpler. Just visit this page to view a list of top reviewers. You can find the reviewer’s contact information, preferences, and previously reviewed books or products by clicking through to the profile.

Make a list of several good matches, offer them a free copy of your book to review, and sit back and wait for replies. If you sell physical products, rather than books, some reviewers handle those too. These top reviewers have fans, and a couple of good reviews can help you gain a tremendous amount of traction.

Is Amazon Your New Favorite Social Network?

Besides gaining the attention of top reviewers, Amazon also hosts a variety of active forums that might be worth your time. There isn’t just one good way of using Amazon as a social networking website, but beyond just providing a platform to sell products and ideas, Amazon can help you connect with online influencers and new customers.

Marilyn K probably spends too much time on the Internet, but there’s always another article to write or cute picture of a cat to look at. A full-time freelancer, Marilyn K writes and develops websites professionally.

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