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Why Keeping a Good Writer Is Worth a Fortune

Take on a Writer for the Long TermFinding and holding onto a good external writer is a bit like finding a new customer – a smart business doesn’t want to let go of them. Part of the reason is the amount of work it takes to find the valuable resource. Furthermore, the relationship with a good writer develops over time with an understanding of what is expected in a writing product as well as understanding the goals of the business. That depth or experience over time becomes an asset in itself, making the writer far more valuable to a company.

Learning From Sales

In the sales world, businesses have learned through experience that it takes far more effort to convince a new customer to buy something than it does an existing customer. In fact, if measured, some find it only takes 10 percent of the effort to make a sale happen. As a result, customer retention is considered extremely valuable because companies can generate more revenue with far less effort and cost. The same principle applies to finding and hiring a good external writer.

The Effort of Finding

Ask any company that has dealt with finding good outsourced help, and the response that comes back will be that it takes a lot of tries before a good one is found. Sometimes a business may get lucky the first time around, but usually it has to go through a few different providers before finding the person who delivers written product as desired. The vetting process takes time, effort, patience and some trial and error as well. Given all that’s involved, why would a company want to throw away a good writer after one project and go through the hassle of searching all over again when the next project needs to be performed?

The Benefits of a Relationship

Long-term relationships with external writers benefit hiring businesses in a number of ways. These include:

  • A productive synergy where the writer learns and knows over time what the business customer wants and produces better and better products that match those needs.
  • An ability for a business to assign work without having to educate the writer on the business and context every time.
  • A resource that can grow with the company over time versus one that is only available on a one-time basis.
  • A resource that can provide more and more specialized work unique to the business.

So when your company finds the work performed by freelance press release writers, for example, provided stellar results, consider holding onto those writers for the long-term. Doing so can make reaching your business goals a lot easier.

Tom L is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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