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Why It Pays to Pick a Go-To Writer

Go-to writer

Trying to find the right writer is kind of like standing in the middle of the toothbrush aisle of your local grocery store. There are thousands of options, but they all ultimately do the same job, right?

What makes one toothbrush stand out from the rest?

Maybe it has softer bristles or feels more comfortable in your hands than all the others. Perhaps it has a more palatable price point, or maybe you’re already comfortable with the reputation of the brand you’re used to.

When it comes to finding the right content writer for your business needs, you have tons of well-qualified writers to choose from. Some write kitschy content while others are inspired by data and statistics. Some offer more conversational content while others imbibe in third-person narratives that work well for white papers and scholarly posts.

With all of these options, why should you choose a single go-to writer for your projects?

1. Your Go-To Writer Knows What Kind of Content You Already Have on Your Site

Internal links are important for SEO because they give the search engines an idea of your site’s structure. Besides making yourself available to the web bots that crawl the web and determine your site’s value on search engine results pages (SERPs), internal links are a simple way to provide your readers with valuable information that’s relevant to certain posts but not necessarily pertinent enough to be included in its own section.

Let’s say you operate a dental clinic. You might have hundreds of blogs about oral health. In one post you want to talk about the proper ways to brush your teeth, and since you go-to writers already know they wrote about various toothbrushes and how they facilitate optimal brushing techniques, they already have backlink posts in their minds as the new blog is being written. A new-to-you writer might not know what content’s already available. This can cause wasted time—and opportunities—in situations where go-to writers could easily reference past posts and link them into current content.

2. Your Writers Know How to Nail Your Narrative

Every content writer has a single goal: to provide content that his or her client wants to purchase and publish. It sounds simple on paper, but defining the criteria that ultimately outlines your brand is much harder than many people realize.

All writers have their own tone, voice, and style. Many are able to become content chameleons and cater to audiences and industries in a variety of sectors. Your go-to writer will likely have chameleon-like qualities, too, but he or she puts on the cloak that’s specific to your business when it’s time to create the content you’ve ordered.

Having a person on your payroll (even within the freelance realm) enables you to obtain quality content more efficiently because your writer-of-choice has already nailed your preferred narrative.

3. Consistent Relationships Create Efficient Orders

When you’re working with a single writer, you seldom have to deal with back-and-forths as far as orders are concerned. When writers and clients trust each other, the process becomes a sort of “set it and forget it” mentality. There’s nothing wrong with that! Writers love learning about the clients they work for, and they’re grateful when they can count on jobs to drop at certain times that fit into their queues at just the right times. After all, scheduling content creation involves a bit of art, science, and luck-of-the-clock.

Having a go-to writer who “gets you”—who enables you to drop normal orders or get a little weird with the content you want to see in the end—gives you greater flexibility than you might realize. Your wordsters are here to ensure your branding becomes a success. You already know your favorite writers, so don’t be afraid to ask if they’re willing to try something new.


WriterAccess offers several levels of Membership Tiers that are perfect for anyone who needs outstanding content. If you need help finding your go-to writer, our Talent Management experts will be happy to scout content curators who will work well with your marketing strategies. Touch base with our team to learn how we can help you find the writers who will hone in on the messages you want to present to the world.


Kristin B is interested in anything that teaches her something new or gives her a different perspective on something she already knew. She’s a self-proclaimed Learn Nerd, which means the world is her educational oyster, and she’s always seeking opportunities to learn from life’s experiences and her clients’ assignments.

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