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Why a Blogger Should Hire a Blog Writer

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When you think about who is most likely to hire a blog writer, chances are you do not think about blog writers. Huh? As a blogger, and a freelance writer, you would think that writing content for my own blog is one of the easiest tasks I do on a daily basis.

Some days, it is. I started a blog because the topic is something that I feel passionate about sharing with others. I’ve found that there are many important reasons why it pays to hire a blogger to help me with my own blog writing tasks—consider these reasons why this is the case.

  • Capture a New Perspective – When you write a blog week after week for a long time, you can become so entrenched with the subject that your opinions become stale. Hiring another blogger to write a post from time to time can help you share a new perspective with your readers.
  • Time is Money – My blog is a labor of love. It makes next to nothing. I get the occasional click on an Amazon link that while it is nice—does not pay the bills. I can hire a low-cost blogger to tackle the easy content for my page and then I can devote my time to writing for my better paying clients.
  • Consistency Pays Off – If it were up to me to populate my blog alone, some months I’d write daily—others not at all. I can hire a blogger to fill in the blanks and make sure I provide regular content for my readers.
  • Reach New Heights – While I’m a competent writer and knowledgeable about many topics, there are things I’d like to share with my readers that are simply too complex for me to write about well. I can hire a more knowledgeable writer to tackle these subjects and provide high-quality content.

As you can see, there are a number of reason why even a professional writer may want to hire a blog writer to help keep a blog up and running as it should be. Think about the process and perhaps you’ll decide that this is one of the better options for you and your blog. There are many ways that you can connect with other bloggers and make sure you are hiring just the right person for the right job—by doing this you can get results you only imagined were possible.

Tracy S is a freelance writer and blogger who is writing her first book. When she’s not glued to the keyboard she has her eyes glued to a sci-fi book, her mind glued on her pool game or has glue on her hands while working on a home improvement project.

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