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When to Create a Blog


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Throughout the world of Internet marketing, many businesses and organizations have created blogs. Although an Internet-based journal at heart, a blog benefits and propels your business forward. The times to start a blog range from the startup phase to improving social media traffic. Take a look at how such key times to creating a blog directly correlate to benefits for your business.

When Starting a Business

During the planning and creation phase of business, your customer base rests at zero. You may have a few customers; however, a business cannot exist in modernity without some sort of Internet-based venture. Furthermore, loan requests, media marketing, and lead generation inherently accompany the creation of a business. A blog has the potential to address and give credence each of these points.

When Expanding on New Products

As your business grows, you will want to expand on products and services. You may create a new style of product, yet you will still need to get customers interested in your product. Think of a blog as a modern meet-and-greet. You get to introduce customers to your new products and services without spending excess capital.

For example, traditional businesses would need to take information to the field to introduce a new product to customers. This results in additional expenses, such as gas, time away from work, and contacting customers in-person. Unfortunately, these expenses are not necessarily recuperated if the new product or service fails. By introducing new products and services through a blog, your expenses are minimal, if any expenses exist at all.

As a Means of Enhancing Communication

Communication remains a critical feature of every interaction in civilization; communication is one of the fundamental aspects of humanity. Within your blog, you can improve how, when, and where you communicate with staff and customers. This communication may not always be good, such as when a customer has a bad experience with your company. However, you can address the issue within the blog, which will show other potential customers how you handle complaints. As a result, your business will gain a stronger, positive reputation.

To Provide Insight Into a Business

Customers want more for their money. They want the best deal possible; however, more quantity is not equal to more quality. Your competitors may have garnered an advantage over your business by offering cheaper products or services. As a result, your customers will want to know why your competitors’ better than your offerings. A blog conveys the answer.

Your blog will provide insight into your business practices. This may include manufacturing changes, impact on local economies, and comparisons of your products to those of your competitors. Since your blog can address any topic, albeit all blogs should stick to a business’s guidelines and marketing goals, you can explain how each change and subsequent price increase provides a greater value to your customers.

To Improve Social Media Traffic

Across Internet marketing, web traffic, search engine optimization, and analytics play a vital role in how you generate new leads. With the expansion of social media, businesses look to blogs to encourage more visits to their respective websites. This is referred to as social media optimization.

For example, person A writes a post on your business’s Facebook page. The post is then shared multiple times by person A’s friends. However, person A’s friends do not actually visit your page as the primary information about your business has been explained already. In a shared blog post, person A’s friends would be more likely to click on the post to figure out the point of the share, i.e. sharing a blog post is a way to peak a person’s curiosity. This encourages more traffic to your business’s website and social media accounts. Ultimately, blogs and social media interact to generate more leads.

Regardless of the stage of your business, you will benefit from the creation of blog. Although you should always remember the critical times to start a blog and its purposes, you are not bound by a deadline. However, your blog is your “For Sale” and “Customer Services” sign in online marketing; each moment wasted without one represents another lost customer.

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