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When Going for Plastic Surgery, Cheaper is Not Necessarily Better


Sometimes, it’s necessary to point out the obvious. There have been massive “fails” in plastic surgery jobs, where people have ended up looking like the twin of that evil Chucky doll, of horror movie fame. When a person has one of these botched plastic surgery jobs and is brave enough to ask another, “How do I look?”, the polite thing to do is turn away without answering.

The same thing happens with writing. SEO experts know that Google Analytics can tell the difference between writing that is High Quality (HQ) and writing that is Content Recognized As Poor (CRAP). To get more web traffic and higher rankings, it is important to use HQ writing. Otherwise, your web visitors will politely turn away and they won’t come back.

Some cheap article writers are not proficient in English, whether they’re native speakers or not. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. Poor quality writing is like getting a botched plastic surgery job for everyone to see. Fortunately, using high quality writing fixes this problem. It is best to show some examples to demonstrate the difference.

Here is an example taken from a real website promoting their audio headphones:

“The headphone was only an audio product to audit only by ear so far…that extends to stick in surroundings of the head moves. The unnatural headphone audition to listen only by the ear notices a peculiar stress to the auditor given at the same time.”

Compare this example to the level of quality of WriterAccess web copywriting:

“Tough and lightweight, XW SERIES HEADPHONES are designed to keep pure sound flowing without interruption…Their cool, clear sound is never tiring, but endlessly refreshing.

As a reader of web content, which do you prefer? Audio headphones “that extends to stick in surroundings of the head moves” or “Their cool, clear sound is never tiring, but endlessly refreshing.”

Here’s another example from an attorney in Florida:


  • Do you have a brilliant idea…Electric pants?
  • Did you get hit by a car? I’ll get you insurance money and patent your idea for a cast made of pinata stuff!
  • How many of your great ideas go by unpatented each day? 12.
  • I promise that everything will come up roses with your case! Or I don’t get paid any extra!”

This website definitely could use a makeover.

WriterAccess’ policy states that clients pay only when delighted. Using high-quality native speakers, who produce excellent web copyrighting, is really worth it.

Make your article, website, blog, or press release shine with more HQ and less CRAP!

William V has written over 400 articles for Writer Access clients. He loves every one of the articles and the clients. His word count is over 430,000. He has a rating of four stars.

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