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What’s So Social About Social Media?


If you’re a business owner, chances are you have a website and a blog, and are working overtime to keep your brand busy on social media. Having a good content marketing plan is an essential part of any business strategy, but making sure you use your chosen platforms effectively is key. It’s no secret that social media is here to stay, but keeping up with the demands can be a blessing and a curse.

Social media has changed the landscape and perception of how people do business, leveraging the playing field between consumers, brands, and their competitors. The days of bad business and poor customer service are gone, placing a business owner at the mercy of social standing. With the click of a button, the business can go from one hundred to zero, and vice versa. Understanding the why in your plan, how you “socialize” with your audience, when to implement your strategy and the ramifications involved when your efforts fall short is important. If you don’t use social media the right way, your “social” can quickly turn into the train wreck from social media hell.

Keys to Keeping It Social

There are a number of ways to stay in the social media mix. Here are a few pointers:

  • Engagement: You have to engage your audience, through consistent postings and quick responses. Your content should help position you as a leader in your field, giving others the opportunity to share what you have to say and a reason to come back for more.
  • Be Human: Posting videos or tidbits that people can relate to will help your audience understand that there’s someone on the other end of the Facebook, Twitter, blog, or other social media platform.
  • Think Future: Social media is a great way to put ideas about upcoming products or campaigns out there to get feedback. This could help determine whether your projects will sink or swim.
  • Build relationships: Building relationships and connections are invaluable in keeping your brand social. You can learn a lot from others by forging relationships that can aid in staying visible and getting your voice heard.

Things to Avoid

  • Using too many platforms: It’s best to stick with what works for your industry and target audience. Spreading yourself too thin, especially when you don’t have the manpower will only pay you dust as a reward.
  • Spam: Be authentic and share real data and information. The rest will fall into place.

So, what’s so social about social media? EVERYTHING. Gaining popularity does not come overnight (well, most of the time) and it’s a continuous uphill battle to get results. The good part is you can effectively use social media to learn about your audience and enhance your brand.

Allaire W is a freelance content marketing writer with a love for the written word and a sweet tooth that turned a hobby into a business. You can frequently find her “cooking” up assignments while covered in flour or cake batter.

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