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What’s Popular In Kids and Family Writing

In the kids and family genre, writers focus their attention on parents, parents-to-be and parents hoping-to-be. Parents read a range of topics online, from trying-to-conceive (TTC) subjects to craft activities. Modern parents are very engaged in every aspect of parenthood. They’re crazy about their kids, they’re crazy about having kids, and they’re completely dedicated to the mission of being good parents.

Good family writers and content marketers know that parents go far out of their way to ensure that their children are safe, healthy and well-educated. Online searches conducted by parents reflect these priorities. Education, health and safety are among the the biggest topics in family writing.

Popular Topics

So what’s new with family writing? Parents spend a lot of time online seeking advice and solutions to everyday problems. Google reports show that expecting and new parents perform two times as many online searches as non-parents. Parenting is like the greatest DIY project ever, and like true DIYers, parents seek guidance online throughout the process. They change their reading habits as their children grow.

Prenatal Topics

Parents-to-be and parents hoping-to-be spend a lot of time online looking for solutions to TTC related-problems. Women hoping to conceive look up symptoms, read about pregnancy and search for new ways to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Websites like The Bump and Parenting are typical sources of information for readers at this stage. Here they find articles about fertility myths, pregnancy photos, birth announcements and other relevant topics.

Writers hoping to capture the attention of parents at this stage can address topics like all-natural ways to conceive, healthy ways to manage pregnancy and tips for surviving labor without medication. Many parents develop loyalties to their favorite parenting websites and continue to follow these sites through the infancy, toddler and young grade school ages.

Practical Solutions to Baby Problems

Once a baby is born, many parents (especially first-time parents) spend a great deal of time worrying about their child’s health and eating habits. Diaper usage, clothes and best ways to save money are also popular topics among new parents.

New parents frequently visit major sites like WebMD, Mayo Clinic and Parents. Frequent searches conducted by this demographic include “Why is my baby crying? Fussy? Gassy?” and so on. The best written content for new parents will answer one question at a time, exploring causes, symptoms and solutions.

Online Craft Tutorials

Kids make crafts at home from a very young age. Children as young as one year old can make crafts with the proper help from a parent. Craft tutorials are very important for parents who want to help their children develop their creativity and hand-eye coordination. The most popular tutorials typically feature bright photographs and easy step-by-step instructions.

Online publications like Better Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeeping have craft ideas for every age and level of ability. Many family writers look at these online tutorials when seeking inspiration for their own online content.

Family Education

A lot of parents educate their children at home starting from a young age. Websites like Khan Academy, K12 and Time4Learning are important resources for parents of grade-school aged children due to their engaging and trustworthy content.

Parents of school-aged children look online for educational activities, the latest young adult books, coloring worksheets and other practical materials. Typical online searches for parents of school-aged children include: What to do about bullies at school? How can you encourage your child to read? What can help a child who is afraid to start kindergarten?

The best online content for this audience will offer practical advice and solutions that make a measurable impact.

The Role of Social Media

Social media sites play a big role for parents. Websites like Pinterest are the go-to source for art and craft activities, while sites like Facebook and Twitter give parents a platform for sharing favorite links.

To increase readership through social media, content producers include colorful, attention-grabbing pictures. Good pictures get pinned, bad pictures do not. Well-crafted Twitter and Facebook status updates about online content can also increase readership.

What Do Parents Want In An Article?

Most parents have little time to read entire articles and complex, step-by-step instructions. Typically, parents perform online searches through mobile devices, so the best content will be mobile-optimized. In other words, the most effective articles will make frequent use of headers to organize content, will include short paragraphs and will also feature bullet-point lists.

Focus on the Practical

Specifics are important to parents. Art and craft articles should include age ranges and material lists, so parents can easily decide which tutorials to do.

When covering medical topics, writers must remember that parental concerns shift as their children age. Mothers with young babies worry more about their child’s weight gain and feeding habits, where as parents with toddlers tend to concern themselves more with fevers and cold symptoms. Catering articles to these concerns can help ensure that content is useful.

Keep it Wholesome

Modern parents prioritize organic foods, wholesome entertainment and healthy living. Words like homemade and organic strike a chord with family-oriented millennial parents. The best online content for parents helps children live healthier lives, develop their brains, or grow up to be wiser and more self-reliant people.

Keep Researching

For writers and content marketers, the best family writing tips are found online. If you’re professional writer seeking the latest family content marketing news and family writing insights, it’s important to regularly review sources like Parents, Family Share and Parenting, and to keep up with trends through resources like BuzzSumo and Search Engine Watch.

If you’re a marketing professional, business owner or executive hoping to capture parent audiences, hire family writers who can cover a spectrum of age ranges and who can speak knowledgeably about parental priorities.

Since graduating college in 2002, Leslie C has written hundreds of articles and blog posts on a freelance basis. Just a few of her interests as a writer include topics like home repair, home maintenance, home improvement, travel, cooking, baking, green living, gardening, parenting, decorating, party planning and generally running a successful and functional household. In particular, her passion for writing home and family related articles has only increased since she started a cooking blog in 2011 and bought a ranch-style “fixer” home, circa 1950’s. Everyday for Leslie is a new adventure in DIY home repair, family cooking and retro-style decorating, and her passion for these subjects shows in her written work. 

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