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What to Expect When You Pay More for Content

Here at WriterAccess, writers are rated on a star system of two to six stars.

The higher a star rating, the more experienced a writer is. So it probably goes without saying that the cost of our content writing service increases if you hire a five or six-star writer versus a two-star writer.

If you’re a startup or a small business that’s pinching pennies, it may seem tempting to choose the less expensive option for your content needs. But you can expect more when you pay more for content, and here’s why:

1. Quality Writers Produce Quality Writing

While all the writers at WriterAccess are talented, thanks to our extensive screening process, the ones who have achieved five and six-star ratings are considered the highest-quality writers in the platform. Their research skills are exemplary, and they understand SEO and keyword usage. They will push your brand to the forefront with strong content, establishing your company as an industry expert.

2. Fewer Revisions Mean Less Time Wasted

Since these writers always produce solid work, you can expect a polished first draft. This draft may require few, if any, revisions. The fewer suggestions you have to bounce back to the writer, the less time both of you waste.

3. A Quick Turnaround Could Lead to Repeat Work

Some companies only need to hire a writer from WriterAccess for a single project. But if you have a lengthy editorial calendar, you may have a need for repeat work. If you find a writer or a team of writers that understand your branded voice and can write fantastic content, you can add them to a Love List.

Being placed on a Love List notifies these writers when work from you is available. This way, you’ll have a team of quality writers ready when you need them.

As you can see, in the world of writing, you get what you pay for. By shelling out some extra cash for a quality freelance copywriter, you’ll always get great content.

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Nicole M specializes in researching and writing about a variety of topics. These include pet care, caloric information, recording music, Photoshop and other image-editing programs, emails, and instant messaging programs. She is a voracious reader who is currently hard at work on her first novel, a thriller/murder mystery. She also enjoys listening to and reviewing albums, going to concerts, and writing music news. In the past, she has also reviewed weekly pro wrestling programs.

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