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What the Heck is Influencer Grammar and Why It Makes Any Matter

Did you know that there is a group on Instagram dedicated just to making the English language of Indonesian influencers correct? Yes, you got it. Grammar hounds of Southeast Asia, English Busters Indonesia #englishbusters are getting it done. With a Capital D, but grammatically correct. The group follows no one, but more than 97,999 Instagrammers follow them. Why? Let me enlighten you about this one example of the latest craze—influencer grammar.

About Them English Busters in Indonesia

First of all, let’s just wish that the #englishbusters are going to show up and bust my subheading. It is intentionally ill in its grammatics. The goal of this interesting Indonesian Instagram page is to make influencers in the motherland get their English straight. Caption after caption from Indonesian influencers are ripped apart and dissected for proper grammar. Does it get good? You betcha.

Busted by Indonesian Grammar Influencers

The English Busters go after more than just plain spelling. If you are considered a plagiarist, they will peg you for it. If you miss a space between TWO SEPARATE words, such as “thankyou versus thank you,” they will call you out. LOUDLY. For example, with that last example, the #englishbusters had this to say:

“This has got to be one of the most common (and annoying) errors, and it’s the first phrase anyone would learn in any language: “thank you.” It’s comprised of TWO SEPARATE words, not one. Want to make it shorter? Say “thanks.” Want to say it in complete form? Say “thank you.” Want to use it as an adjective or noun? Use a hyphen (e.g. we received a thank-you letter). TAG people who need to see this!”

How to Use Influencer Grammar

First of all, this can be a lot—even for a hardcore grammar enthusiast like myself. Influencer grammar is all about calling out influencers for bad grammar. So if you are not an influencer, then your grammar is safe—or is it? In reality, your grammar is always on check—no matter what platform or in what native country you post. The internet has made us all globally aware. Even when writing posts on social media, watch your Ps, Qs, and spaces.

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