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What’s Old is New in Content Optimization


What’s old is new in the landscape of search engine optimization (SEO) with the recent algorithmic changes made by Google and Facebook.

SEO methods have evolved dramatically through the years, and they continue to change as the Internet of Things (IoT) era revolutionizes connections worldwide. Now more than ever, a professional SEO writer who stays grounded in the best practices of conventional SEO rather than the latest work-arounds will prove to be a wise investment. Increasingly, algorithms on the largest sites quash those work-arounds by penalizing them and rewarding solid, quality content.


Google’s Panda algorithm made content created solely for SEO obsolete. Savvy SEO experts take advantage of these changes by crafting superior content that builds a foundation for success. These SEO professionals with their knowledge of great content embrace Penguin and Panda to the benefit of their websites.

Today’s algorithms utilized by Facebook and Google recognize the dramatic transformation in search behavior, which includes a proliferation in conversational queries and the need for immediate answers. Current content strategy must address the intent of these conversational, complex queries to tap into organic search traffic for success.

Depending upon the business category, mobile content may very well become the greatest focus in the future. User intent in mobile device searches can be quite distinct from desktop searches. Thus, responsive design, which creates content design to address both categories of users, may require the services of a professional SEO writer.

Creating a viable mobile content strategy is now a critical plank in the advertising platform.

Moreover, pictures and video have become content forms that must be considered for optimal SEO, and increasingly professional writers are becoming adept at these forms of content as well. Thus, well-written content married with visual aids has the potential to drive links and traffic in conjunction with the new algorithms.

Link Building

Google’s Penguin computerized the search engine’s ability to penalize link SPAM, thus quashing the overused shortcuts of the past. Creating high-quality backlinks is a proven method from earlier days of SEO, and now the procedure is rewarded. Quantity no longer wins against quality in this arena.

Linking to quality content designed to educate and provide value-added information remains the soundest approach to encouraging users to consume the content.

For SMBs that cannot afford a PR agency or maintain an internal team, social media has developed into a critical platform for marketing solid content efficiently. Adopting social media gives brands the power to own and manage their message and reputation, in addition to engaging fans and followers. Social sharing of content and brand may surpass traditional link building, thus making quality links within social posts that much more important.

SEO will continue to evolve, and strategies to harness the power of the IoT must evolve as well. However, the history shows clearly now that shortcuts and work-arounds do not represent long-term strategies for building reputation and rank.

Therefore, focusing on your audience and finding methods to reach them through quality content remains the most cost effective and valuable method, even if that approach is founded on “old time” SEO techniques.


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