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What is the Content Strategy Podcast and Should I Tune In?

Sometimes you just need a podcast. You’ve been writing all day, music is too jarring or emotional and you listen when you work. But silence is not golden, it is shattering because you’re so keyed up from writing your heart out. OK maybe you’re life is not as melodramatic as this, but you get my drift. Podcasts, they have a purpose. They offer a theatrical approach to listening and learning. Think: FDR’s Fireside Chats for millennials. Take a look at the Content Strategy Podcast and a few other podcasts we recommend to help you get your content well seasoned and strategized.

Content Strategy Podcast

The Content Strategy Podcast is hosted by Kristina Halvorson. Halvorson meets with guests and together they cover all the latest topics, as well as their own insights into content strategy. They help you make your content work in other words. Halvorson is the founder of Brain Traffic in Minneapolis, MN. She coauthored “Content Strategy for the Web” with Melissa Rach, which is in its second edition.

The book covers content strategy from the content development phase to content auditing. You also learn ways to maintain content to achieve your content strategy over the long term. Fortunately, when you listen to the Content Strategy Podcast, you aren’t just getting a rehash of the book material.

Episode 26: Enterprise Content Strategy

For example, one of the latest episodes is called “Enterprise Content Strategy and Operations.” Halvorson is joined by Christine Polewarczyk of SiriusDecisions in this business-friendly strategy podcast episode. The conversation turns to technology, as well as people and processes, that can be implemented to achieve content strategy in a B2B environment. As you can see, this is not your everyday content strategy podcast. A fluff-free environment where you can learn content strategy in a whole new context.

How to Access Content Strategy Podcast

To get the Content Strategy Podcast, download episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

More Podcasts for Content Strategists

Podcasts are super cool for content strategists. You can do two things at once—zone out from your stressful day while zoning into some content strategy insight from some pros. Want another way to get dollops of content strategy with a sprinkling of all things extra?

Here at WriterAccess, we do podcasts for all things content. As a content strategist, you need to think laterally just as well as vertically. That means learning about other aspects then just strictly content strategy. So instead of searching for “podcasts for content strategy,” look for podcasts that are related to your focus area.

Check out these podcasts from the people right here at WriterAccess to get an idea of what’s available for free to you now:

You get the chance to stretch your strategy wings as you tune out and tune in to something educational and informative in the world of content.

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