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What is a Word-Hoard and Wordbook

When it comes to words, this wordsmith of the woods has you covered with the weirdest words that the world has ever written. Take the two words, word-hoard and wordbook. Check out where and how these two wackadoodle words can become part of your lexicon as a content writer.


Let’s get the hyphenated word out of the way first. With a word-hoard, you are referring to all of the words that you presently know. We all have our very own word-hoard. It’s located in our brain. There are many other word-hoards including the WordHoard project. The trick with a word-hoard or your personal vocabulary is to be able to access it on the regular. This involves practicing your preaching with plenty of reading and writing.


When it comes to a wordbook, this is all about the word and the book as you might have guessed with your comprehension skills. To be specific, a wordbook is another word for a book. However, a wordbook is not just any book. Like any hoarder, this type of book is a reference collection of the words that any expert will want to pick up in their particular field of study.

A clear and present example of a wordbook is a dictionary or an encyclopedia. You can also call any thesaurus a wordbook, as well as the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Consider creating your own wordbook filled with your favorite content marketing concepts or terms. This can help you expand your own lexicon and boost your marketing potential.

The etymology of this word is quite interesting. The word wordbook dates all the way back to 1590 with the European wurdboek, woordenbook, woorbook, woordenboek, ordbog, and lastly the ordbok. All words meaning, you guessed it. A wordbook. By the way a wordbook can also refer to an opera and its libretto aka the written down version. And if you are going gaga on this whole wordbook thing, check out “Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries” by Kory Stamper.

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