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What Cat Videos and Memes Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

Cat videos memes content marketing

Cats rule the world. They recline on their windowsill thrones and wait for us humans to do their bidding. Some people (cough, dog people, cough) think cats view people with disdain. That’s not true. Cats are kindhearted rulers. We know that because they generously try to teach us the wisdom of their ways.

Consider cat videos and memes. Did you know that each video and meme is a gift from the cat aristocracy to teach us humans more about … content marketing?

Yes, cat videos are really secret lessons meant to help small and medium businesses attract and convert customers! Doubtful?  Read on to learn the ancient teachings of the feline world:

1. Make people happy.

Watching cat videos makes people feel happy. If you add quality content to your site, you can bring joy to people too, by entertaining or informing them — or both. When your content delights people, it casts a glow of goodwill on your brand.

2. It’s good to share.

People love to share cat videos with their friends. When you have terrific content, that too will inspire people to share. Your business gets multiple benefits. People who receive content from a trusted source — their friends or family — will tend to trust the content itself more.

Your content spreads from one person to the next, gathering more and more free publicity for your business. The ultimate prize is when a piece of content goes viral. It may not happen often, but unless you get in the game, it won’t happen for you at all — so make sure you always have fresh, fantastic, sharable content on your site. The more you post, the greater your chances of hitting that jackpot.

3. The more the merrier.

If you ever feel like cat videos are everywhere, you are right. There are millions of cat videos just on YouTube alone. Quantity is important when you do content marketing too. As a rule, the more content you post, the more effective it will be. Hubspot found that B2B companies that posted 11 or more blog posts per month had almost three times as much traffic to their sites, compared to companies that only blogged once per month or not at all.

It’s not only B2B companies that benefit from blogging more often. B2C companies that posted 11 or more times per month had more than four times as many leads as companies that posted only four or five times per month. So post, and post, and post again.

4. Solve a problem.

Cats are more clever than you may think. They understand that many humans share a similar set of problems. Humans often get bored, or stressed, or annoyed, or all three at the same time. Cat videos solve those problems by distracting people and giving them a reason to smile.

Content marketing is also about solving problems. You are an expert in your business or profession, and you know the kinds of questions that people have about your industry and the kinds of problems your business can solve. When you partner with a skillful writer who can help you get your message across, you can target your ideal customers. You attract these folks by posting content that anticipates and answers their questions and helps solve their problems.

The result is that folks feel grateful. They also recognize and appreciate your expertise. This is the kind of positive impression that content marketing excels at. It’s the secret of why content marketing works so well taking a soft-sell approach that doesn’t hit people over the head. Instead, it builds real relationships. That’s exactly what your business needs to thrive for the long term.

5. Words matter.

Cats know video is not enough. To maintain their dominance over the world, cats must also appear in memes. In a cat meme, the picture may be cute, but it’s the clever words that really pack the punch.

At WriterAccess, you can find thousands of wordsmiths who will make the words in your content crackle and pop.

6. You can haz cheezburger.

It’s been 11 years since the first cheeseburger-craving cat popped up in a meme, and the world has not been the same since. Why have these memes hit such a strong chord? Because they are easy to relate to. We all have something that we wish for.

If your wish is to attract more customers to your business, that’s something we can relate to here at WriterAccess. You can haz content marketing that draws the right people to your website. If you’re new to this kind of marketing, let us show you how it works. If you’re an old hand (old paw?), let us work with you to take you to the next level.

7. Be real.

Cats are always themselves because there is no one else they’d rather be. What’s good for a cat is good for your business. Content marketing is all about being genuine. Fur real!

Marjorie R has written articles online for more than 15 years and has also written humor for American Greetings and crossword puzzles for the New York Times. She wrote an entertainment blog that was consistently in the top 5 in the Google search results, and at its peak was #1 out of a total of 66,499,997 results. She has a B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley, an M.A. in Creative Writing/English from SF State, and a J.D. from UC Hastings.

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