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What a Professional Content Writer Should Ask You

What Should I Know When Hiring a Freelance WriterWhen you hire a freelance writer to write for you, it’s like going to visit a psychic. You want them to read between the lines, to unearth just the right wording to convey your emotions, to literally write what you are thinking. Sounds impossible, but that’s the job of a freelance writer. It’s a writer’s job to find out what you want and to run with it.

What’s Your Purpose?

The first thing a writer should ask is what is the purpose of your business and/or website. Do you have a clear cut message, image or brand that you want to be conveyed? By asking what you plan to do with your written material, such as market your website or attract a community, then a writer will be able to follow a more specific style and format. Take full advantage of your writer’s assets. This will save you both time and money as you’ll be most likely to get what you are looking for on the first round of submissions.

Who’s Your Audience?

If you don’t know who your potential audience is then you can’t expect the writer to attract them. Furthermore, you should be prepared to explain what you want to get out of your audience. Are you creating a web page that will attract potential earnings from clicking on ads? Do you intend for your readers to come to your site for visionary information related to your industry? If you want customers to fill up their shopping carts in your online store, then you need to have your writer cook up just the right content for a sales pitch.

What’s Your Image?

Your business brand is the first thing that potential clients and customers see whether they are going to your website or brick-and-mortar establishment. However, a logo and business name is only part of the picture. A top notch writer understands that a website can make or break your business simply based on how it looks. For instance, if you want to attract those in the senior citizen demographic so they can purchase your incontinence products, then you need to make your web content easy to see and read as this is the generation with the highest rates of macular degeneration. Trying to gain readers who are busy professionals in the mental health field? Then don’t post content on your website that is not factually accurate.

Knowing what kind of image you want to portray allows you to relay this information to your writer. They’ll have the skill in creating blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, and FAQs, just to name a few writers’ assets, that can be tailored to fit your business image.

It’s Time to Get Emotional

A professional writer is not interested in creating vanilla content. They want to add spice and passion to a piece. Your writer will typically inquire to what kind of emotion you want from your web content. You should want your writer to create powerful content to prevent your audience from clicking the dreaded X of death. Interested in wit and humor, or are you in need of more sobering and serious material? Depending on the answers to the other questions here you can determine what kind of emotion you intend to express.

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