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What a Guest Blogger Can do for You and Your Blog

Being the owner of a blog can sometimes be exhausting. The blog owner is ultimately responsible for all the decisions that go into the blog’s creation.

They select the blog’s theme, decide on the niche to concentrate on, and they decide whether to monetize their blog or not… and the most important aspect about their blog is they are responsible for all of its content.

Someone who takes on blogging as a profession usually begin their blogging career with the best of intentions. But unfortunately many first time bloggers either curtail or totally stop blogging altogether.

Why Bloggers Fall by the Wayside

Writing content for a particular niche demands that a blogger put their passions into their writing, and that passion must sustain the blogger as they write content for their blog daily.

In many instances a blogger cannot keep up the pace of writing posts on a regular basis. All of a sudden that blogger burns out from the day in and day out task of coming up with fresh content. Other times a blogger just has nothing new to say about their niche topic, and simply lets the blog fall by the wayside.

Outsourcing is a Practical Alternative

Sometimes the pressure to create fresh, high caliber content can be overwhelming to someone with little to no experience as a blogger. A perfectly acceptable way to avoid this problem is to simply hire a blogger to help with creating fresh content.

Outsourcing some of the workload to someone who is capable of doing a little blog ghostwriting, can take some of the pressure off the blog owner. There are a few advantages to this arrangement that the owner of a blog should find very beneficial.

Building Strong Relationships

One of the more important things that today’s Web promotes are the relationships that are built through the blogging process. This is one of the reasons why having someone do a few guest posts on your blog is a win-win situation for both the blog owner and the guest blogger.

The guest blogger provides the blog owner with quality content that’s focused on the blog’s niche subject, and the blog owner can return the favor sometime in the future.

Acquiring Quality Links

This is a very touchy subject among seasoned bloggers as well as content providers who specialize in targeted SEO practices. In years past, the practice of just exchanging links between blogs and websites were an everyday affair.

Today thanks in no small part to Google and it’s unpredictable algorithm updates, everyone has taken a harder stance on the sort of links that lead back to their blogs and websites.

When an authoritative blogger does a few guest posts for a relatively new blog, and that blog’s owner reciprocates, not only does the new blog benefit by receiving quality inbound links, those links also drive traffic to the blog.

A much Needed Break

The daily grind of writing quality blog posts can sometimes be overwhelming. When a blogger decides to outsource the writing chores to a guest blogger, even just for a few posts allows the blog owner a a much needed respite.

The blog owner can then turn their attention to other matters, whether they are blog related or just personal in nature. This also allows the blog owner to take a step back from the blog. They can access the state of their blog, make rational decisions about the blog’s direction, and eventually return to writing their own content with a fresh outlook and some new ideas for content.

In closing sooner or later even top tier bloggers, bloggers who have diligently craft content for years on their blogs, eventually need to step away from their laptops and just recharge.

These bloggers understand the advantages of outsourcing their content. They usually hire a blogger they are familiar with to write a few guest posts, trusting that the blogger they hire will conform to the standards that they have already set, and deliver content that isn’t just fluff, but engaging, educational and entertaining.

Lew N is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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