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Weekly Round-Up (Weirder Than a Blood Moon)

blood moon

Hello and welcome back to the Round-Up!

Did you see the blood moon this week? Folks west of the Mississippi reported a good view, while everyone to the east reported the presence of too many clouds.

Personally, I saw it the same way I see most things in nature– on the internet. (I wish I could blame that on the cloud cover, but honestly, that’s just how I roll.) But if you live in the east and feel cheated by the clouds, cheer up–you’re reading the Round-Up, which is visible no matter what the weather!

Alright, let’s start rounding things up, shall we?

In Content Marketing News:

Content Marketing Is A Long-Term Commitment, Not a Campaign” says Influence & Co’s CEO, John Hall. Companies start blogs then give up after a couple months because they see no short-term increase in ROI. But in order to reap the benefits of content marketing, you have to think long term.

In other words, don’t expect content marketing to just put out, you have to put a ring on it.

In Sleepy Freelancer News:

What do we want? Caffeine! When do we want it? Stop asking questions and give us coffee!

This is how caffeine actually affects your brain.

So what’s the best way to get your coffee fix at home? Coffee-snobs and cheap caffeine-high chasers alike can find out here.

In Screenwriter News:

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) reports that Hollywood film writers are mostly white males. In fact if it weren’t for television, women and minorities (aka everyone else) would essentially be unemployed in Hollywood. So c’mon everyone else– let’s briefly shelve those novels we’re all working on and start writing screenplays! They can’t ignore us all!

And in Weirder Than a Blood Moon News:

What’s more ominous than a blood moon? Why a wedding in Game of Thrones, of course! After the death of another major character at a wedding during Sunday’s episode, the internet, in typical internet fashion, lit up with spoilers. Most people who hadn’t seen the episode yet reacted in anger and disgust at the injustice of it all, while one person reacted in defense of spoilers.

A very refreshing write up on a topic that’s been written about to death. Pun intended.

Post of the Week:

semantic seoSemantic SEO: Not Just a New Ballgame, a Whole New Ballpark

by Paula A




Congratulations Paula!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Charlotte Garden is charge of all the blog content at WriterAccess. A voracious consumer of all things trending, note-worthy and ridiculous, when she’s not working on the internet, you’ll find her playing around on the internet.

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