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Weekly Round-Up: WEIRD ALways wins

Hello and welcome back to the Round-Up!


Today’s Round-Up has been taken over by Weird Al Yankovic news, because as it turns out, Weird Al rules the world.

WEIRD ALways wins

In Weird Al Content Marketing News: Weird Al Yankovic should be renamed Wildly Brilliant Al Yankovic, as a combination of his amazingness and marketing efforts recently launched him to #1 on the Billboard charts.

In More Weird Al Content Marketing News: 5 Tips on Content Marketing from Weird Al Yankovic.

In Weird Al Social Media News: The Weird Al Yankovic Social Media Case Study.

In Weird Al Freelancer News: Weird Al loves Freelancers. (This is not a direct quote, but we can read between his very entertaining lines.)

And in Indirectly Related to Weird Al News: This Washington Post article titled “Word Crimes! Zach Braff’s “Wish I was Here” and the death of the subjunctive” not only pays homage to one of Weird Al’s songs, we think he’d get just as much of a kick out of it as we did.

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Have a great week!


Charlotte Garden is WA’s resident content strategist, editor, talent manager and blog header-upper.  A voracious consumer of all things trending, note-worthy and ridiculous, when she’s not working on the internet, you’ll find her playing around on the internet.

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