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Weekly Round-Up (Promises to End Better Than Belmont)

Hello and welcome back to the Round-Up!


We’re all very sad about the lack of a Triple Crown. I wasn’t going to mention it, but the concept of horse racing ties in so well with the word “Round-Up” that I caved and used it. What are your thoughts on the owner’s reaction to California Chrome’s loss? Poor sport or does he have a point? Sound off below.


In Content Marketing News: Imagine a world free of fear and full of epic content. How much does it resemble your current reality? If your answer is “no resemblance whatsoever,” 5 Steps to Blast Through Fear and Create Epic Content will teach you how to stop living in your non-epic world. Take notes.

In Freelance News: What questions do you routinely ask yourself? Personally I’m always asking myself if I remembered to turn off my curling iron, whether these yoga pants I have on are office appropriate and whether what I just wrote on the internet was humorous or offensive. However, according to this list, I’m doing life wrong. Successful people ask themselves if they’re in the right niche, whether they’re “failing better” and three other introspective questions. This is a must read for everyone.

In Social Media News: So now that you’ve read the two articles above and are therefore what we will refer to from here on out as an “effective person,” go read how effective people use social media. We’re becoming well-rounded content marketers here, folks.

In More Social Media News: People Are Getting Social Media Prenups. As in, “if we break up, you’re not allowed to say ____ about me on Facebook.” This isn’t really content marketing related, but if it’s good enough for Time, it’s good enough for this Round-Up.

And In Donut News: So, if you missed National Donut Day last Friday, don’t worry this guy lived it for you. He ate “12 donuts from 12 different donut shops in one morning.”

His account is both fearless and epic.

(I love when the Round-Up comes first circle.)

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Alright, that’s all for us. Enjoy your week!


Charlotte Garden is charge of all the blog content at WriterAccess. A voracious consumer of all things trending, note-worthy and ridiculous, when she’s not working on the internet, you’ll find her playing around on the internet.

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