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Weekly Round-Up (More Spontaneous Than a Selfie with the President)

Did you see this photo?


Big Papi snapped a selfie with Obama while the White House was honoring the Red Sox earlier this week.

Who snaps a selfie with the leader of the free world?! Big Papi does. That’s who.

(Note: As a Boston-based company, WriterAccess reserves the right to promote, talk about, sing the praises of, and idolize the Boston Red Sox and any of its players, past or present.)

Speaking of, opening day at Fenway was yesterday, so get excited baseball fans!

Anyways, on to the rest of the round-up.

In Content Marketing News: Eight Refreshing Content Marketing Stats for Marketers This Summer not only has a photo of people on a beach to remind you summer is coming even though it doesn’t feel like it (#newenglandproblems) it also provides some interesting statistics about what you should be doing in 2014, marketing wise.

In Freelance News: Lifehacker featured a piece on Three Common Freelancing Roadblocks to Avoid. Tip #3- Fight Your FOMO.

In He’s Going to Need One Heck of a Ghostwriter News: Flea is writing his memoirs.

And in English Major News: English majors have always been an interesting breed. Here are 26 types of English majors you either were, are or simply had to deal with. (20-year-old me fit into no less than 5 of these categories.)

Post of the Week:

food bloggersFood and Wine Writing – How to Find Your Niche in an Already Saturated Industry

By Alana M






Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Charlotte Garden is in charge of all the blog content at WriterAccess. She’s a blogger by trade, a Gemini by birth, and frequently peppers references from 80s movies throughout her posts for her own amusement.

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